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A Buyer’s Guide To The Elite Home Theater Seating 10 Year Warranty

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we are very proud of what we do for a living. We believe that we provide the best home theater seats in the world, and after 12 years, we’ve refined and polished our service so that it surpasses all expectations and provides you with an optimal viewing experience in your new home theater. We also provide auditorium seating for commercial theaters, and all of our chairs are covered by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Our comprehensive warranty is a result of our unwavering confidence in our superior products. We are confident in the exemplary quality of our reclining motors, mechanisms, the design of our chair frames, and each individual component’s quality that we guarantee them for 10-years. We’re so certain of the quality of upholstery products we use that we’re able to guarantee our chair coverings, and the foam word, for five years.

How Can We Do This? How Can We Be So Sure Our Chairs Will Last?

Since we use the highest quality materials and components, we are able to construct a superior warranty to accompany our outstanding, expertly engineered products. Our products, such as the German-engineered, industrial quality motorized recliner mechanisms, have a history of reliability with a motor that is hard-wired for excellence and whisper quiet. The same is true with the high-quality cushioning foam we use in our seats, which was also chosen for maximum comfort and longevity.

Another factor that contributes to our great warranty is that all of our chair designs are modular, meaning that in the rare event something does go wrong with one of our chairs, there is no need to send the entire unit back to us for repair. We intentionally designed our chairs so that individual components can be repaired or replaced on-site. For example, if a problem ever occurred with one of our recliner motors, the entire unit slides easily in and out of the chair mechanism and thus can be replaced in a minimal amount of time. The same is true with many of the chair frame components, such as backrests that slip on and off of the chair base so they can be easily removed for repair or replacement if required.

How is my Warranty Honored?

When clients face issues with their chairs we honor their warranty in three different ways. First, we always request the client sends us pictures or a video of the issue they experiencing so Elite’s production team we can assess the problem better. Then, Elite HTS will do one of the following:

Send a replacement part, if the repair is minor, with instructions for the client to do the repair on site.
Outsource a company in the clients area, to do the repair on site.
Lastly, bring the specific piece, chair, or entire configuration (if necessary), for the repair to be done at Elite’s warehouse.

Please note: When a piece is returned to our warehouse for repair, there is usually a 2 – 4 week turn-around time for repair, depending on the current status of our production queue.

Our 10 Year Warranty Respects Our Customers’ Most Precious Resource – Time

We understand our clients’ expectations – a high-quality product that is backed by a world-class guarantee, and that is exactly what we provide. We have serviced celebrities, film/tv producers, high-end resorts, and clientele from all over the world. As such, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in designing a home theater seating layout that complements your space, and you can feel confident that your seating is backed by a solid warranty.

That’s why we combine the highest-quality seating in the industry with world renowned customer service. When you buy from Elite Home Theater Seating, you do so with the assurance that we will provide you with the “white glove” care that you should receive when you buy the very best and a warranty to match.