Build Your Custom Theater Chair

A Guide to Lumbar Back Support for Theater Seating

Quality, proper back support for theater seating is important if you expect to spend a lot of time in the chair.  Many of our customers came to us after having been disappointed with cheap theater chairs they found in department stores. A common complaint that we hear from these customers is, “Their chairs seemed comfortable in the store – soft and comfy and like I could easily nod off and go to sleep in them. The problem was that that’s exactly what happened – instead of being able to watch the movie I fell asleep, and then when I woke up my back ached for hours because of the lack of back support.”

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we want to make sure you don’t have that experience. In our view, great home theater seating should be comfortable, but it should also provide strong lower back support so that you can sit comfortably through a movie, with the lumbar areas of your back supported properly and evenly.

Our Chairs Were Designed By a Chiropractor, Especially For Watching Movies

You don’t invest in Elite Home Theater Seating to curl up and go to sleep in our chairs. You invest in them because you love movies and quality television and sporting events, and you want to be comfortable while watching them. At the same time, you want to be awake and alert while watching them.

You don’t want to be squirming around trying to get comfortable, but you also don’t want to be sitting in a chair that makes you feel more like going to sleep than watching the movie. That’s why we worked with a noted chiropractor to design the dual-support cushion system that makes our seating so different.

It Should Be Comfortable, But Lumbar Back Support for Theater Seating is Something You Need Too. 

Our chairs have been designed using state-of-the-art ergonomic principles so that the lumbar cushions have the precise angle and degree of supporting your back needs. The result is “a seating experience that you can forget about.”

Think about that statement for a few moments. After seeing a movie in a cheap mall theater, are you thinking about the movie and how good it was, or are you thinking about how much your back hurts from the terrible seats? What you really want in theater seating is a chair that is designed so well that you can forget it entirely and immerse yourself in the movie. A great theater chair enables you to stand up after the movie is over feeling refreshed and energetic, because your back has had the lumbar support it needs. You didn’t have to ever think about the chair you were sitting in during the film, because it was doing its job well – it was comfortable and allowed you to focus on the movie.