Build Your Custom Theater Chair
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We’ve all had to endure the uncomfortable experience at our local cinema of constantly having to shift and adjust in your seat to find a comfortable position. This is caused primarily by pressure point build-up in various areas including the lower back.

To address this, we collaborated with renowned Chiropractor Dr. Grant O’Neill to come up with our philosophy of how to design a home theater chair to perfection: create a theater chair that provides optimal ergonomic support and comfort without sacrificing our sleek styling. After a lot of precise tweaking and adjustments, the final creation was the most comfortable theater chair available.

Features include:
  • A precisely fine-tuned lumbar and upper back support system
  • A unique dual cushion system that provides equal weight distribution for the thighs and buttocks
  • Premium, high quality foam that is not too firm, or too soft
  • An adjustable headrest option that fits perfectly in the nape of  the neck

“The low back cushion has the optimal shape and angle to maintain the ideal lordosis (curve) of the lumbar spine. In conjuction with the dual cushion system, the overall effect is to allow for a more relaxed body position giving maximum comfort and thus longer endurance while sitting.”

Dr. Grant O’Neill

D.C., Cloverdale, BC

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Designed for Decades of Use

Black Theatre Chairs

Heavy Duty Frame

A combination of steel and premium wood is used to provide excellent structural integrity and support. The base of any theater recliner is the most important part as it provides the foundation for the entire chair. Our base is actually hollowed out from a large, thick piece of wood, therefore there are no joints or nails that can become loose over time and cause flimsy arms and squeakiness.

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Motorized Recliner Mechanism

Weighing over 60lbs including our German engineered motor, our industrial strength recliner mechanism is whisper quiet. As opposed to manual recline with a lever, power recline allows you to precisely recline the chair to the optimum position and viewing angle.

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Diamond Elite Marshmallow Foam

We use only the best cushioning foam that is manufactured with maximum resilience technology so that it provides years of comfort and support. Our foam is high in density and supportive, yet still soft and very comfortable at the same time.

My client loves the theater chairs. He told me that they are the most comfortable seats in his home. That is quite a compliment except that I provided 80% of the furniture in his home! Once the chairs were delivered and he saw the quality, comfort and style, it made my job so easy. Working with this client has been fantastic and I truly believe providing Elite Theater chairs played a major role in his satisfaction with me as a designer.

Roz Redmond

Interiors by Decorating Den. Brandywine, MD

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Since our seating is modular, we provide our customers with the unique ability to build and customize their theater chair by mixing and matching various arm styles, foam densities, and back rests. In addition, as the manufacturer, we can accommodate a wide range of custom requests including, but not limited to:

8 seated chairs, 4 by 4, 2 loveseats

Exclusive One-off Designs

Closeup of craftsman cutting leather

Customer’s Own Material

Red Theatre Chairs

Custom Sizing

Chaise Theatre Chair

Chaise Style Seating

Custom Storage Compartment

Custom Storage

Embroidered Home Theatre Chair

Embroidery & Engraving

Custom wood & staining

Custom Wood & Staining

Underglow Lighting

Underglow Lighting

“As the President of One AdvantEdge I have worked with the team at Elite Home Theater Seating for over 3 years and more than 20 projects. Elite’s ability to customize each project specific to my client’s needs ensures my clients have the perfect chair every time.”

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Concierge Service


Customer service staff

Whether our client is a famous Celebrity, Professional Athlete, or a Home Theater Aficionado, we must adhere to the highest levels of quality, customer service and confidentiality.

We will be the first to admit we may over-engineer our product, and our construction methods may be a bit overkill. However, this strategy gives us the peace of mind that we will most likely not have to service any theater chair once it leaves our facility.

In the rare case of a repair or replacement, our unique modular design allows any part of our theater chair to be detached and taken apart in minutes with a few simple tools. For example, our German engineered recliner motor can easily slide out of its cradle and be replaced with a new motor in minutes.

“Having complex physical issues which make comfortable seating very difficult, I had Elite custom make a recliner for me more than 6 years ago. It has been wonderfully comfortable and heavily used, and eventually became less supportive. Thinking it might be possible to have it “re-stuffed”, I contacted Elite for recommendations as to how to proceed. To my amazement, they offered to replace the seat at no cost (except for shipping)! Words cannot express my appreciation as I am now able to sit with excellent support and comfort again.”

Betsy Irwin