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In 2007 Apple launched Apple TV. Digital contents via Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, and other various contents stored on your computer can be viewed directly to your HD widescreen TV. Streamed sporting events such as NHL or NBA games, movies can be rented or purchased directly from iTunes, & all your music and pictures stored in iTunes can also be seen on through Apple TV. With a Wi-Fi connection, Apple TV can be streamed to your TV and your iPhone can also be used as a remote. Apple TV retails for $109 USD. The following clip will give you great insight as to how Apple TV operates.

Google has now released the Google Nexus Q. Through Google Play, you can play music or movies through your Android phone or from your media tablet via Google Play Music. You can watch YouTube however Netflix is not available. Nexus Q is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, an amp, & analog speaker outputs, Apple TV has neither of these options. The Nexus Q retails for $299.00 USD. The following video will give you a better understanding of the Nexus Q.

With devices like these there is no need to purchase physical DVD’s and CD’s. All the contents are either streamed or stored on your computer. For those of you who enjoy owning the physical DVD or CD, this may deter you from purchasing it. Those of you that don’t care to own any physical format, this can be a new way to enjoy movies, concerts, and sporting events. Your home theater can have an unlimited catalogue, dependent if iTunes has what you want to watch (if you choose Apple TV).

Home theater can benefit from devices like these and it’s up to the consumer if they would like to move away from traditional media platforms. Now your home theater can feature family vacations, weddings, & birthdays. Just how popular this will become is unknown however, do your research. If you believe this form of technology will enhance your home theater experience, please leave us a comment regarding your choice.