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Buy the best home theater seating | The secret is in the certification

The best custom home theaters are designed to immerse viewers in the world of the film. Stepping into a private home theater, you can’t help but feel you’re sampling one of life’s most extravagant pleasures. It’s not so much a room in a house as a sanctuary where one can hide away from the world.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing private home cinemas; from classic old school looks to dazzling starlit ceilings. The experts who design these spaces, often search the world looking for the perfect shade of burgundy, or the exact lighting fixture needed to fit their client’s aesthetic. The lengths they go to are necessary, though, as they’re dealing with extremely discerning clientele.

As experts when it comes to high end home theater seating, we’ve noticed that designers can struggle when it comes to figuring out which brand of seating is the best choice. Many chairs look good but fail to live up to their expectations and elegant upholstery. There is a real struggle in the industry when it comes to guaranteeing that clients are getting the perfect chairs, which is why Elite HTS developed the Diamond Elite Certification.

Best home theater seating certification

What is Diamond Elite Certification?

Quite simply, it’s a seal of approval that we don’t give to just any chair. We like to take the analogy of the diamond appraiser and use it as a guideline for our process. Every chair that leaves our factory must pass a ten-point set of standards that guarantee the highest level of quality and construction. And, just like a jeweller, we make sure that no chair leaves the craftsman’s floor until it’s perfect.

Because we’re talking about the crème de la crème of theater seating, we developed the Diamond Elite Certification to give designers confidence that every Elite HTS chair will surpass the expectations of even the most discerning clients.
Hand Crafted Design

1. Hand crafted design

Every single custom chair we approve must be built from scratch, painstakingly crafted to make sure it exceeds all client expectations. You can rest assured that no chair pulled from stock ever received our certification. A renowned production manager has inspected any chair that earns our approval. All-wood Construction.

2. All-wood construction

There’s nothing quite like a wooden frame when it comes to ensuring the highest level of comfort and durability. We only stamp our approval on chairs with a wooden frame that is ¾” thick, ensuring that it will be able to handle the strain of everyday use. This test is designed to weed out those theater chairs which use “thin-wall” plywood along with composite construction methods, which results in chairs that are lighter and have the potential to easily break down.

3. Single-piece wood base

The base of a chair is arguably one of the most critical part as it deals with the most usage, we are particularly stringent when it comes to this element of theater chair design. We prefer a single hollowed out piece. That means there are no joints or nails to poke you or come apart over time. The base is the foundation of the chair, so it must also be the strongest part of it.

4. Fitted joinery

Instead of using nails or staples to hold chairs together, we insist on all wooden material to join the frame together. We look for fitted joints, wooden screws, and glue – so that chair frames are as stable and secure as possible. We turn our back on weak joints and the kinds of chairs that fall apart after being stapled or nailed together.

5. Reinforced arms

Most home theater chair arms are reinforced at the base which becomes loose over time. One thing we check for is that chairs are reinforced higher up on the frame, which causes the frame to become less shaky and more durable. You might be sensing a theme here, and you would be right, durability is a big part of achieving our certification.

6. Material durability

All leather and material must be of the highest quality. We only approve materials that have undergone a double rub count test. Manufacturers must use a machine that rubs a piece of heavy canvas back and forth, to check how many rubs the material lasts.

7. German-engineered mechanisms

We’re lifetime fans of German engineering, and our certification requires theater seating to have the latest in power recline mechanisms. Our standards ensure you’ll get a smooth recline every time. The German mechanics include thicker steel arms as well as reinforced bracing so the technology will stay strong over frequent usage.

8. Minimal 4” recline clearance

Many theater seats on the market require a lot of space to recline. We look for a different approach and insist on a system that moves the seat down and forward, instead of just backwards. With this technology, chairs only require 4” of clearance from a back wall. So, designers can make the most of the space they’re decorating.

9. Ergonomically designed

A good theater seat is built to ensure extended hours of comfort. We like to make sure that the seating has proper lumbar support, by working on the style of the backrest and alternating densities of foam throughout the chair to customize chairs to fit each client’s needs perfectly.

10. Superior warranty program

Perhaps the toughest of all our criteria. We’re not looking for chairs that will serve their owners for a feeble year or two. At Elite, we believe in quality. That’s why instead of offering a 1 to 2-year warranty, Diamond Elite Certified chairs must offer a full 20-year warranty on their machinery, as well as a 5-year warranty on their material.