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Blu-ray DVD Players

With the holiday season next month, we look at some of the popular Blu-ray DVD players on the market. With 3D Blu-ray players to standard versions, you as a consumer have a large variety to choose from. The price point has dropped in recent years and you can find them starting at $99 and up. Here are some choices for you:

1. Sony PS3 – As a game console and a Blu-ray player, the PS3 gives you two worlds in one package. Retailing approximately at $299.99, this would make a great gift for people that enjoy video games and love the quality of Blu-ray players. Netflix is also available on your PS3.

2. OPPO Digital BDP-93 3D/Network Blu-ray Player – Retailing around $499. the OPPO Digital BDP-93 3D/Network Blu-ray Player is a bit more expensive than regular Blu-ray players but the quality is superb. The 3D graphics pop right out (with the right TV of course) and since it is only available online, you can ensure it is shipped directly to you without any hassle. This comes equipped with internet radio, YouTube, Netflix, 2D and 3D video.

3. LG BD590 Network Blu-ray Player – MSRP of $400. the LG BD590 Network Blu-ray Playernetworking features are easy to use and the player has some of the most popular online content, including NetflixVudu, Pandora and Napster. With a 250 G hard drive, the picture quality is amazing and it’s very user friendly.

4. Sony BDP S390 Blu-ray Player – An affordable price, approximately $89.99, the Sony BDP S390 Blu-ray Playerwith Ethernet and WiFi connectivity you can stream content from NetflixPandora, Hulu Plus, as well as content stored on computers connected on your network. For the value, you get a lot with the Sony BDP S390 Blu-ray Player. It’s well worth the price.

These are just a few of the many that are available to choose from. Holiday shopping can be stressful so if you are looking for a new Blu-ray player, use our recommendations before you go shopping.

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