Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Bring Luxury Home Theater Seating Into Your Yacht

Elite’s home theater seating resides in residential and commercial cinemas throughout the world, but did you know that these private theaters aren’t just on land? In fact, some of our exquisite home theater chairs are showcased in fancy yachts and ships, traveling across the seas of the earth.

To design a home theater for your yacht, you begin with Elite by going through the same initial design process. Go to the build your custom movie chair section of our website and select your preferred armrest, backrest, material, color, foam density, and configuration. Our different chair styles and layouts are sure to work in your yacht’s snazzy media room. There are a few special requirements for an Elite theater chair to live on the sea, however.

For starters, although Elite’s different materials and colors may help you to get a visual of want for your theater seats, we require a special marine grade material from our clients. Elite is unable to outsource this on your behalf, but we are happy to steer you in the direction of interior designers who can assist you.

Secondly, just as we require a marine grade material for our cinema chairs, Elite Home Theater Seating will use marine grade wood, stainless steel, staples, and screws – all of which we provide. A chair being put on a yacht requires these special pieces because the salt and humidity in the sea air is much more likely to rust a regular product. We want to ensure your theater recliners last as long as possible. This is why we insist on always providing the best of the best!

If you’re sitting and home and think, “I have nowhere in my home to put a home theater”, consider including one on your yacht. Our sales team will happily walk you through the process and assist you with any dimensional needs you require (don’t forget to inquire about our complementary 3D layout service as well). You’ll impress all your guests and feel like a movie star! Who knows, maybe you are.