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Over the years, the popularity of home theaters have increased. At the same time, trends have also evolved. From basements to family rooms, projection screens to plasma then LED TV’s, 5.1 surround to 7.1 surround, and from DVD players to 3D Blu-ray DVD players, home theater is constantly evolving. What’s trending in home theater now? Let’s take a look.

1) Multiple Screens: Back in June, our blog featuring Sports Themed Rooms showcased one room with four screens. Well this isn’t a one off, this is a trend amongst new aged home theater room. The room we were speaking of had the main big screen and then an additional three on a shot clock as well, giving you the illusion of being in an arena or stadium. With “entertainment” rooms now exploding in popularity, having multiple screens will give you the feel that you’re in a local bar with different options for things to look at while you’re socializing.

2) Social Networks: We’re all apart of it and there’s no escaping it. Social networking has taken over our lives and it’s also being implemented in home theaters. Smart TV’s were featured in our blog back in July. Smart TV’s can connect you directly to social media sites where you can share what you’re doing and what you’re watching. The addition of tablets and smartphones has also become integral to home theaters. We are truly connected to one another all the time and social networks makes that even easier to do. You can tweet while you’re watching the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup Final or even live tweeting with your favorite TV show like Criminal Minds or Sons of Anarchy.

3) Floor and Soundbar Speakers: Since floorstanding and soundar speakers produce clear audio, more consumers are deciding to change from wall mount or in wall speaker systems.

4) Apps: Yes apps are now controling our homes from lighting to fire places and our TV’s and entertainment systems. Home Theater Apps, our blog from October will give you the most used and most beneficial apps to use in your home theaters.

We’re all looking for the best value our money can buy so it’s important to ensure you make your home theater suit your needs. Make sure the benefits you look for are a part of your home theater room. This holiday season, there will be a lot of products to choose from. Ensure you get what’s best for you and not what you think you need. Do your research and enjoy your home theater to the fullest.

We always appreciate your comments and feedback so contact through Facebook, Twitter, email or by phone.