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A Buyer’s Guide To Foam Density In Home Theater Seating

Our clients expect a lot from our premium home theater seating, but undoubtedly one of the top priorities we hear from clients is “comfort.” We anticipated this, and comfort is part of the Elite Home Theater Seating “Diamond Standard,” or what we call the 4 C’s.

Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization and Customer Service.

Comfort is essential for a theater-going experience. You naturally want to be comfortable and relax in your home theater while watching a movie – and your idea of comfort probably differs from that of your family members or friends. Our theater seating won’t be anything like your average local cineplex. You won’t find yourself constantly adjusting to find a spot that doesn’t hurt your back or worrying about stretching your legs without disturbing your neighbors.

We collaborated with Dr. Grant O’Neill, a renowned chiropractor, to design a chair with the perfect amount of support and comfort without sacrificing our sleek design.

When customizing and selecting your home theater seating, you have the opportunity to select many options and features, including foam density. But how do you know which one to choose? Soft, medium or firm?

Our most popular foam density selected is medium. Many customers find this density universally suitable for their selection and to strike an ideal balance between comfort and firm support. One thing to consider, though, is that the different material you select does affect the feel of the foam density because of the “pull” of the material/leather. For instance, if you or your client want an ultra-plush feel, Elite’s sales and production team recommend choosing Silk Leather for upholstery and Medium foam density as this will still give you the feel of soft foam but the long-lasting, quality support you require. To discuss other foam and material combinations contact your sales consultant today.

The foam used in our theater seating is the highest quality cushioning foam, made with maximum resilience technology. We guarantee this foam will not deteriorate in a matter of a few years. It is a long lasting, quality material. Choosing a foam density is an important part of the process. However, should you find upon receipt that the foam density is faulty – have no fear! All of our chairs are modular and can be sent back and adjusted as Elite Home Theater Seating offers a 5-year warranty on our foam density.

Call, email or fax us your questions about choosing a foam density. We can help you get started on building your own home theater seating.