Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Collaborating with interior designers

Answering your frequently asked questions about custom theater chairs At Elite, it’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with interior designers in creating custom home theatre seating that will perfectly suit the client’s home. Often when interior designers reach out to Elite, they are surprised to hear that they can speak directly with the manufacturer of our custom theater chairs. Many luxury custom-built products don’t offer this opportunity, but we feel it is key to ensuring the client gets exactly what they’re looking for. Through every phase of the design process—from determining the best fit and configuration for the space to selecting the color and material—our home theater seating experts love talking directly with interior designers and offering personalized recommendations and fully customizable seating accessories. Here are just a few of the topics our project managers are happy to discuss with interior design professionals: What kind of backrest is best for your client? Elite offers over 12 different designs with varying levels of lumbar support. What foam density is best for your client? Medium foam density works for most people, but someone with lower back problems might require a softer or firmer foam density. If one family member is taller than the others, what design customizations might be required? What will the room be used for? Family movie nights, MMA events, or both? What design and layout considerations come into play? What material is best and how does the climate influence the choice of material? Upholstery requirements may differ depending on whether the client lives in a dry environment (such as Arizona) or a humid environment (such as Miami). Does the client want to use their own material and/or wood stain? Does the client need storage compartments incorporated into the theater chairs? How can we best match the home theater furniture to what is already in the home? If you have any questions about a home theater you’re designing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to put you in touch with our manufacturer so you can create the perfectly designed home theater your client is looking for.