Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Incredible custom home theaters that will make you envious

Building incredible custom home theaters might look effortless, but it requires meticulous attention to detail, and a focus on functionality above all else. It takes more than just picking out some great home theater seating. Most rooms in a house have a purpose, but a home theater needs to be a place where –when the lights go out– all eyes are fixed on the screen. Nothing should distract from the viewers’ immersion, and each detail adds to the sensory experience.

We regularly feature our favorite custom home theaters on our blog to bring inspiration to the design community and help our readers approach custom builds like a seasoned pro. All of our examples are the work of interior designers and A/V integrators, who share a wealth of industry hints and tips.

Sure, there are plenty of DIY examples out there, but the trained eye can quickly point out the lack of functionality; perhaps a design element is blocking the screen or obstructing the sound performance. In this blog, we will showcase the theaters that have impressed us most.

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The featured designs all have a few things in common:

  1. Functionality first – each theater is painstakingly built to provide the most immersive movie-watching experience possible.
  2. Built to last with an emphasis on quality – the designers have sourced the best possible equipment and chairs, focusing on performance ahead of flashy features.
  3. Design still matters – Each theater looks incredible while still respecting functionality and A/V performance.
  4. Luxury designs – These are no ordinary designs and recreating anything similar will require a generous budget.
  5. Each room features Elite custom-built theater seating

The incredible custom home theaters that put performance first

1.   Retro guitar themed home theater

A guitar themed custom home cinema featuring luxury cinema chairs

Designed by: One AdvantEdge

Location: A Miami-based home theater design.

What we love: A retro design that pays homage to guitars.

Special features: The lighting in this design is playful, going for fun as well as function.

Featured Chairs: Elite’s Custom C1 in Fire Engine Red Valentino Red with Black Cup-holders and Black  Custom Removable Swivel Trays.

From retro carpets to backlit movie posters, this custom home theater is a colorful design that mixes the old and new beautifully. One AdvantEdge equipped this cinema with intense audio, show-stopping seating, and a screen that makes it feel like the characters are about to jump straight out of the movie.

Complete with before and after photos, this blog will help any designer understand some of the fundamental factors needed to get a home theater right. One AdvanEdge not only shares their top home theater design tips but also takes the time to highlight some of the brands they trust to get the job done right. From home theater lighting control to cinema lighting, consider this a masterclass in home theater design.

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2. Rebuilding a home theater after severe water damage

Custom home theater subtle design

Designed by: Moseley Electronics

Location: A home that suffered catastrophic water damage.

What we love: They took what could have been a disaster and turned it into a stunning new home theater experience.

Special features: Next-level A/V equipment (find out more below).

Featured Chairs: Elite’s Custom N3 in Black Onyx Silk Leather with  Antique Copper Cup-holders.

Moseley Electronics managed to transform a disaster into an inspirational custom home theater by upgrading and updating most of the damaged equipment and investing in Elite HTS luxury home theatre seating. This design uses cream walls, subtle lighting, and natural wood paneling to give it a classic, timeless feel.

Check out the renovation pictures and see what the space looked like before the carpets were fitted. Moseley also shares their preferred vendors for screens and projectors, as well as tips for home theater audio design and an in-depth look at the importance of networks in the home cinema experience.

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3. A custom home theater in a castle

Renovating a castle for your custom home theater

Designed by: tri CUSTOM

Location: A Scottish Castle!

What we love: The use of space, check out the layout plans in the blog to see what we mean.

Special features: A special room for ventilating equipment

Featured Chairs: Elite’s C1-M model upholstered in Black Leather with Gun Metal Cup-holders.

A stunning home theater hidden away in a remote Scottish castle may sound like the stuff of fairytales, but rest assured, it’s a reality. Renovating older spaces and adding new technology is never without its challenges, so this blog gives some welcome insight into some of the factors that should be considered when approaching a project like this.

Tri CUSTOM shares welcome industry insights; from the importance of ventilation to guidelines for best practices for home theater layout. Other helpful tips include how to prioritize a home theater budget for performance and how to create a design theme and layout that enhances the immersive experience.

Read the blog here: Renovating a Scottish Castle with Tri CUSTOM and Elite A/V

4. A kid-friendly home theater

Custom home theater design by Madison Hudson Design

Designed by: Madison Hudson Design

Location: A family home in Connecticut

What we love: Kid-friendly without sacrificing any of its elegance.

Special features: Funky lights and carpets that don’t stain!

Featured Chairs: Elite Custom J9 model in Ash Silk Leather with warm Harvest Oak panels and Gunmetal Cup- holders.

It’s not often that luxury custom home theaters manage to be both elegant and kid-friendly, but that’s a feat this gorgeous design has accomplished. Michelle Barone talked us through her process when it came to creating a room that meets the needs of the entire family.

From colorful lighting to STG carpets and durable yet luxurious Silk Leather, this kid-friendly home theater uses tried and tested brand that will bring them endless entertainment for years to come. Complete with before photos, prepare to be amazed by the transformation this home theater underwent.

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