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Designing a home theater around your favorite movie

One of the reasons we love going to the movies is that it offers an escape from reality. With a themed media room, you can create that feeling in your own home. Use these ideas to start planning your home cinema based on your favorite film series.

Tolkien fans

Create an ode to Tolkien’s trilogy in your home cinema with earth-toned theater seats and forest-inspired wood trim. Decorate the walls with greenery or an ancient map. Of course, your theater wouldn’t be complete without underglow lighting in blue (for water) or red (for fire). Want to really impress your guests? Add a single 24K gold cupholder to represent the legendary ring.

George Lucas fans

Model your home theater after your favorite starship and transport your guests to a galaxy far, far away. Black, white, or silver seats take center stage while wall and ceiling panels create the appearance of windows overlooking a starry sky. Don’t forget to add aisle lighting for the full effect: blue, green, or red—we won’t judge if you venture to the dark side. Get inspired by this list of the best starship-inspired home theaters.

J.K. Rowling fans

Recreate your favorite setting from the wizarding world with a castle-themed home theater. Cozy loveseats or recliners in plush Cine-Suede help create that common room feel while custom underglow lighting shows off your house colors. Bookcases, broomsticks, and portraits of famous witches and wizards complete the look.

If you like the idea of a themed media room, check out Elite’s famous Batcave home theater.

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