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Elite Home Theater Seating – Our First Blog!

Greetings everyone and welcome to our new Blog.

As I type these first few words of our first ever blog post, I can’t help but feel excited at the start of this new journey. It kind of feels like a brand new car as you drive it off the lot for the first time. I’m sure this “vehicle” will allow us to transport a lot of informative, entertaining and useful content to our readers for many years to come.

My name is Bobby Bala and I’m the founder and CEO of Elite Home Theater Seating. I started the company about 8 years ago and prior to that I worked primarily in the Video Game industry as a 3D Character Modeller and Animator. Since I also had a passion for home theaters, in my spare time, I would design home theater interiors and environments. Within these environments were theater chairs which I also designed.

Around that time as I researched various theatre chair designs for inspiration, I noticed there really wasn’t much out there to be inspired about. All the theater chairs on the market at the time were very overstuffed and poofy, lacked style and didn’t look very ergonomically supportive.

I then focused on designing various theater chairs that were more sleek and sexy. I noticed that some particular parts of one chair design, also looked quite good with other parts from other chairs. I then thought it would be really cool if a customer could somehow interactively build and mix-and-match their own custom chair online.

From there I collaborated with Emiliano Rodriguez who is a very talented website designer and programmer. With his talents and my video game background, we were able to create the first working online Custom Chair Configurator and Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS) was born.

Our first few orders were actually built out of an old abandoned barn with only 3 production staff. Since then, we have grown considerably and now ship hundreds of theatre seats to various clients all over the world including many famous celebrities and athletes. Our new 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility is based in Vancouver, Canada.

We primarily specialize in the manufacturing of custom, high-end theater / cinema seating. We do some business in the local area, however 90% of our business is for International clients all over the world.

My main focus for this blog will be to concentrate specifically on the interior design aspects of home theater design and interiors. I will also focus on the home theater experience itself, and of course company announcements and new product releases. Since there are countless home theater related websites that feature the technical aspects of home theater equipment, I thought it would be best if I left that to them and not have it as a primary focus of this blog .

Lastly, we would also love to hear your feedback and comments. This can be feedback based on the specific blog post/topic, or if it is a new product announcement, we would love to hear your comments on how it can be improved for example. For anything off topic or that requires more discretion, please feel free to contact me directly at