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Elite HTS Featured Theater Furniture: Cine-suede

Designing a home theater room that is comfortable, functional, and well appointed will bring you enjoyment for many years to come, and your theater room may quickly become your favorite space in the house. At Elite Home Theater Seating, we want to make sure that you enjoy the experience of customizing your home theater seating to match your preferred tastes, styles, and preferences. With our home theater furniture, you will be creating a room that is so warm and inviting that you, your family, and your guests will never want to leave.

In addition to creating the most comfortable home theater furniture in the world, we provide our customers with the highest-quality upholstery materials to create an optimal viewing experience, and one of the most popular materials we use is called Cine-Suede.

What is Cine-Suede and How Is It Different?

One way of describing the upholstery coverings we offer at Elite Home Theater Seating is in terms of warmth – how soft, warm, and inviting the material looks to the eye and feels to the touch. Our selection of fine Valentino Leathers is among the finest in the business, but leather can be a little cold to the touch. If you are looking for a warmer material to snuggle into, the material that almost every customer rates as the “warmest” and most inviting – both visually and to the touch – is Cine-Suede.

Cine-Suede is a high-quality, velvet-like fabric material that is reminiscent of the lush velvet seats of classic movie theaters. Of course, our seats are much more comfortable than those in even the fanciest of old movie theaters, and Elite HTS Cine-Suede is softer, more durable, and more stain-resistant than the upholstery materials found in those theaters.

How You Can Find Out More about Elite HTS Cine-Suede

Browse our Gallery page to compare several different materials and to see the implementation of some of our finest theater seating layout designs. Many of the custom home theater seating installations we showcase there are covered in Elite HTS Cine-Suede, so you can see exactly what this material will look like should you choose to upholster your theater chairs in it. In addition, the Custom Chair Builder Tool we provide allows you to see the standard colors we offer in this material. If you are near one of our display stores, you can drop by for a “touch test,” and if you are working on a custom home theater installation, contact us so that we can send you samples.