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ELITE HTS Featured Theater Seats: Cuddle Couch

The comfort of theater furniture provided by Elite Home Theater Seating is legendary. You really couldn’t ask for more comfortable seating while you enjoy the movie of your choice. Yet, there may be an opportunity for you to view your favorite movies, sporting events, or television shows with a friend or loved one, so it may be beneficial to consider adding a cuddle couch to your home theater. Sometimes what you want most is to curl up on a comfy sofa with your significant other and cuddle while watching the movie, and the cuddle couch allows you to do just that. What could be more romantic?

What Exactly Is a Cuddle Couch?

A cuddle couch is a circular, curved loveseat designed to allow two people to sit next to each other and get cozy while watching the movie or TV show of their choice. As either an addition to our quality single-seat home theater recliners or as a replacement for them, the cuddle couch can add another dimension of comfort and flexibility to your home theater. The cuddle couch allows you to stretch out, lie down, flip around, and get cozy and romantic with the one you love, all while watching the films or programs that you love.

Constructed from the same high-quality furniture foam and materials as our recliners, the cuddle couch offers you a larger area on which to sprawl while enjoying your movie collection or Netflix subscription. High-quality cupholders are included, of course, and removable swivel trays to hold your snacks are available as options. You can see photos of the cuddle couch here, shown both in its standard size and (further down the page) with its chaise extension.

Use the Cuddle Couch on Its Own or Add One to the Front Row of Your Home Theater

The Elite HTS Cuddle Couch is 60 inches in diameter, and the chaise extension or ottoman is 37 inches wide by 19 inches long. As with all Elite Home Theater Seating products, custom sizes are also available. We’ll even help you design or redesign your current home theater to ensure that it fits perfectly. Just give us a call and ask for our complimentary Layout Design Services.