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Elite’s Adjustable Headrest

Look around. What do you see? Perhaps you’re in your basement drinking a glass of wine after a hard day’s work, or perhaps you’re in a crowded café filled with a range of people. Whichever the case, consider the people currently around you or those you interacted with earlier today. Everyone has a different personality, different likes, and interests, and all have different physical appearances. It’s unavoidable – everyone is a unique individual and at Elite Home Theater Seating we consider that something to celebrate.

Because of the unique tastes and body types of our clients, Elite Home Theater Seating offers the best home theater chairs in the market that cater to your specific needs and desires. “But, what if I have certain height restrictions?” ask many of our customers. No need to worry – whether short, tall, slim, or broad, our media chairs are designed to fit a wide-range of body types and can easily be modified to meet your specific needs.

If you are above average height, however, Elite Home Theater seating has many fantastic solutions for you. If you and your long legs have encountered issues in the past as you search for the best home theater chair, look no further: Elite’s production manager has altered the seat cushion, footrest, and armrest on clients’ behalf many times and would be thrilled to work with you to meet these needs as well. On the other hand, if your long torso has caused you grief during your reclining paradise hunt, look no further: at Elite we have many suitable options from your frustrations.

The #6 backrest is an extremely popular backrest style amongst our taller clientele as it provides additional height with the built-in adjustable headrest feature. The #6 backrest has a sleek and sophisticated look and the adjustable headrest looks sharp whether fully extended or in its original position, snug against the base of the backrest. Elite’s backrests do not add to the cost of our chairs (unless altered by a client), so the #6 backrest is an excellent solution for you and your tall friends and family.

In addition to the #6 backrest, the #1 backrest may have an adjustable headrest feature added, for a small surcharge. The #1 backrest is Elite’s most popular backrest style as many clients crave the exquisite race car type look as well as the comfort and support of the backrests design (we collaborated with a chiropractor for ultimate lumbar back support). Because of this, clients in needs of extra height often select the #1 backrest and add the adjustable headrest to get both the look, comfort, and height necessity they need.

For more information on Elite’s customization options and the adjustable headrest backrests, Reach out to your sales consultant today to discuss how you can personally customize your luxury home cinema seats to ensure they fit you and your family/friends perfectly.