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Elite’s Customizable Storage Cabinet

At Elite Home Theater Seating we are known for our modular nature. This means that our clients select their preferred armrest, backrest, material, colour, foam density, configuration, etc. through our easy-to-use “Build Your Chair” section on our website. Once an order is placed, we build their chair and configuration from the base up. Our Canadian-made, custom-built theater chairs manufactured for our clients do not have any pieces pulled from the shelves but are entirely tailored to meet the client’s need and exact specifications. This also means we are able to build entirely new and original pieces for our clients too. A huge bonus!

Due to the way Elite operates in manufacturing our home theater seats, we have incorporated pieces into our options and accessories line that were originally designed for past clients. Today we’d like to highlight our popular Customizable Storage Cabinet.

The Customizable Storage Cabinet was initially designed for two friends a number of years ago, who were looking for extra space to store their video game equipment. They expressed their needs, collaborated with Elite’s sales and production team, and voila – the Customizable Storage Cabinet was invented.

Over the years, we’ve found that many clients have fallen in love with the original design our production manager created: two drawers, with the bottom approximately the same height as the footrest, and the top smaller than the bottom. The dimensions of the Storage Cabinet (height, length, width) truly are what you make it – one of the many wonderful things about working with a custom manufacturer.

(Please note: The Customizable Storage Cabinet is not attached to the theater chairs beside it but rather fit in between. However, because of the weight and tightness of Elite’s configuration, the piece is secure and will not move).

Ultimately, the Customizable Storage Cabinet really is what you – the client – make it. Size, upholstery, wood finishes – this is your design and we are here to make your vision for your home theater come to fruition! Consider the needs for your home cinema and your sales consultant will work with you to make sure you have the best Storage Cabinet sitting beside you as you’re excitedly watching the game or the latest Blockbuster release.