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Elite’s Exceptional 10-year Warranty

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we take great pride in our product. After being in the home theater market for over 12 years, we can confidently say our theater chairs are the best in the business. Apart from offering top of the line, modern features and ensuring each chair meets a client’s individual needs, Elite Home Theater Seating offers a 10-year warranty on our motor mechanisms and a 5-year-warranty on our foam and upholstery.

Why do we offer such a great warranty?

Elite values working with local businesses and ensuring that the products used in our theater chairs go above and beyond the ordinary. We work with local foam companies, lighting technicians, and woodworkers, etc. to make certain the material and components included in our product are the best of the best. In addition, we incorporate top German-made motor mechanisms and use the finest Italian leathers and fabric, from around the world.

Other than our superior warranty, Elite Home Theater seating is known for it’s modular, customizable nature. Client’s have the freedom to design their theater chair from the base up. On our website under the “Build Your Chair” section, different arm-styles, backrests, material, color, foam density, row configurations, etc. are presented to the client. This is a wonderful place to begin designing your unique home theater room. Additional customization continues afterwards and you speak with our sales team. Because of this process, each theater chair is exclusive to each individual and our company wants to ensure your special cinema seat is built to last and feel comfortable knowing we’ll take care of you should anything pop up unexpectedly down the road.

How can I guarantee my Warranty?

If/When clients face issues with their theater chairs, Elite HTS honors their warranty in three different ways. To begin, we look up the invoice, which the order was placed under, to confirm the client’s product still falls within the 5 and/or 10-year warranty offered by Elite. Then, we always ask to see a photo and/or video of the chair so our production team can assess the problem better. Once this has been viewed by our production manager and discussed with the client in depth, we move forward in one of the following ways:

We will send a replacement part, if the repair is minor, with instructions for the client to do the repair on site.

We would outsource a company in the client’s area, to do the repair on site.

If the damage, due to manufacturing, is significant we will arrange for a specific piece, an individual chair, or the entire configuration (only when necessary), to be returned to our warehouse for repair on site.

(Please note: When a piece is returned to our warehouse, there is usually a 2 – 4 week turnaround time for repair, depending on the current status of our production queue. In addition, Elite is very good at honoring your warranty and at times extends it for certain clients on a case-by-case basis).

Elite Home Theater seating believes in the quality and durability of our product. But more importantly, we value the relationship built with our clients and we want, above anything, for our clientele to have a phenomenal experience from the first moment to the last.