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Elite’s Modern Cinema Seating Styles

Many of our clients are interested in our trending home theater seats. If you’re currently designing a home theater, recreational/multi-media room, or simply want to replace your old Barcalounger to watch your favorite films in, Elite Home Theater Seating in the place for you. We have the best modern cinema seating styles in the business.

Elite Home Theater Seating created our chairs to be modular. This means in the initial design process, clients select their preferred arm-style, backrest, material, color, foam density, configuration, and specialty options and accessories, etc., to ensure their new recliner fits their exact needs. How one pairs an arm-style, backrests, and other design elements can greatly affect the overall aesthetics and style of the chair.

All of Elite’s backrest provides exceptional support while relaxing after a long day’s’ work – we even collaborated with a chiropractor on the #1 backrest to ensure we’re offering optimal lumbar back support. That said, not every backrest has a modern feel to it.

For example, the #4 and #11 backrests, with their button tufting, tend to materialize on traditional design home theater chairs. Although gorgeous, they may not be the leading look for a modern style. At Elite, we recommend a variety of backrests (the #3, #5, #6, etc. work quite well), but if you and your family are looking for the best modern style, try out the #1 and #9 backrest.

The #1 backrest has the look of a sports car seat, which is sure to impress your guests as you host Super Bowl and Stanley Cup parties. Pair it with our sport-style cushion and you acquire the full, modern look. This sports cushion provides excellent support and comfort as the inner pillow supports the buttocks and the outer pillow supports the thighs.

The #9 backrest continues to grow in popularly. The simple stitching designs and comfortable headrest constantly impress our clients. The backrest is simple, but can easily be adjusted to meet the client’s needs. For instance, not all of our backrests can easily have the height or width dimensions adjusted but the #9 backrest can and is adjusted, frequently (speak to our sales team to find out what backrests you can and cannot modify). In addition, because of the plain base, adding options or accessories such as piping, quilting, contrast color stitching, etc. is fun and easy to do and allows you to create the best, personalized, modern home theater seats.

There are multiple armrest styles that Elite Home Theater offers and many may appease your take on modern design. Some of our most popular, however, are the B-series and C-series armrest.

The B-series armrest has a “futuristic” look. The metal footing at the base of the chair pops nicely and brings a touch of class and sophistication. Although a simple feature, it draws the eye and shouts “modern”. The fun and trending design of the armrest itself doesn’t hurt, either.

One thing to note about the B-series armrest is that it is a complete wall-hugger. This means when the chair is in the full recline position, it will not take up any space at the back of the chair, allowing you to push the cinema seat right against the wall.

The C-series armrest is our most popular design. It is so popular that we created an entry-level chair, based on it. The simple look of the armrest, side stitching, and gentle swoop down of the cup-holder is exceptionally stylish. The design of our cup-holder is extremely functional as well and eliminate awkward adjusting, which is a huge hit with our clients.

For more information on our promotional chair, please click here.


In addition to these popular arm-styles and backrests, pair your custom home theater chair with our Silk Leather upholstery. The material is a synthetic material that has the look and durability of leather but is very smooth to the touch. Your guests won’t be able to sit in the luxury fabric without letting out an audible gasp and the buttery feel – or the fact that it isn’t real leather.

Reach out to our design team to discuss your modern design needs and we’ll work with you to customize the best, and individual, chair for you and your family.