Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Find A Kid-friendly And Pet-friendly Home Theater Seating System From Elite HTS

While we often tend to emphasize the luxurious aspects of our theater seats, such as fine woods, Valentino leathers, custom embroidery, etc., we would also like to introduce to you the features of the seating we offer that are perfect for kid-friendly and pet-friendly home theater.  We understand that children and pets need a safe, comfortable space to enjoy the show alongside the adults, and we kept that in mind when we began offering custom theater seating 12 years ago.

If you are a proud parent or pet owner, you may wonder how your theater chairs will stand up to the tests and trials that children and pets can bring to your furniture. You will be happy to know we have a variety of pet-friendly and child-friendly options for you to choose from while you are designing the home theater furniture of your dreams.

It Is Possible to Design Pet-Friendly, Kid-Friendly Home Theater Seats that Exude Luxury and Style

One of our most popular upholstery choices is called Silk Leather. It’s a high-quality, material that has the look of real leather, but is actually a synthetic material made in Japan. Because of this, it is very smooth to the touch and has a silk-like feel. Although it feels like silk, it is just as durable as real leather and importantly, much more stain-resistant than other upholstery materials which makes cleaning a breeze.

It definitely looks great, but when you think of this luxurious covering in more practical terms, it becomes even more amazing. When your kids spill something on Silk Leather, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is usually the only thing needed to clean it up. And when your dog or cat sheds on your Silk Leather cinema seats, a quick brush with a hair remover does the trick, and it is back to looking as elegant and luxurious as the day it was delivered.

As usual, though, watch out for the permanent markers and pesky cat nails!