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Has 3D Technology Improved?

“3-D is a waste of a perfectly good dimension. Hollywood’s current crazy stampede toward it is suicidal. It adds nothing essential to the moviegoing experience. For some, it is an annoying distraction. For others, it creates nausea and headaches” – Roger Ebert (2010)

Over the past four months we have discussed improvements in 3D technology, how 3D has made a comeback in movie theaters, and how home theater has new 3D TV’s to add to our experience but is 3D any better than it was before? 3D technology has been around for many years and even though technology has improved, does the viewer actually enjoy the experience? Our blog from June 15, “The Future of Home Theater: From HD to 3D to Holographic TV” details the trend of home theater technology.

In January 2013 the reboot of a reboot will be released in theaters, Texas Chainsaw 3D, (view the Facebook page here). As a fan of horror movies, there is interest in this reboot but does it have to be in 3D? One has to think they may do this so they can raise the price point and charge you more at the theater. 3D technology is unique and can be fun but there is a push from Hollywood like they want to force it on us. Let’s remind you that 3D technology is not new, it was first introduced in the 1950’s.  There was a resurgence in 3D movies in the 1980’s then it died out and then reappeared in the mid to late 2000’s. When the resurgence happened a few years ago, Roger Ebert spoke up in an article titled Why I Hate 3D Movies (And You Should Too). Once you read this you will see that there is a love/hate relationship with 3D technology.

Since Hollywood has increased their 3D movie releases, home theater equipment has joined the movement. As we stated in our previous blog, “The Future of Home Theater: From HD to 3D to Holographic TV”, Samsung released the worlds first 3D LED HDTV, called the LG LX9500 in 2010 and since, numerous other competitors have released 3D TV’s. Roger Ebert is a well respected movie critic and his harsh words regarding 3D technology could sway viewers away.

One constant complaint made regarding 3D technology is the glasses. There is something uncomfortable about sitting in a theater with a pair of glasses on and if you’ve ever walked into someones home where they are watching 3D TV, you will find it looks odd as well. Some people love 3D technology, especially children but is the force-feeding of 3D something that will lose interest once again like in the 1950’s and 1980’s? As we stated in “The Future of Home Theater: From HD to 3D to Holographic TV”, it seems as if holographic TV’s are next. With holographic TV’s, there is no need to wear those 3D glasses and that alone could eliminate the need for 3D TV’s.

We all want the experience of a movie or sporting event where it looks like the action is right in front of us. The enjoyment of the experience grows more when you feel like you are right there in the movie. However this love/hate relationship with 3D technology makes it hard for some to enjoy it especially since it’s a sixty year old technology. When are we finally going to the next level with holographic movies and TV’s? That will be interesting to see.

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