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Has Mobile Technology Changed or Enhanced Home Theater?

Last week we did a blog on home theater apps for your smartphone and tablets. These apps enhance your home theater experience and add a great value to it, however is there a different take on this as well? Have smartphones and tablets driven people away from home theater viewing?

We have such busy lives that we tend to do things on the fly nowadays. I know I use my iPhone more than my personal computer at home, even while I’m at home. While sitting at my desk, I can have¬† Netflix running on my iPhone watching a new movie while getting work done. This way I’m getting two things done at the same time. However,¬† all of us that work here at Elite HTS love the home theater experience and we do not compensate with using our smartphones or tablets in its place.

A recent article from Z6 Mag states that home theater will have to play catch up with mobile technology and we can understand their view. We all use mobile technology to communicate with one another and we also use it as a form of entertainment, from music to movies. However the reason home theaters have become popular over the past several years is to replicate the experience of going to a theater to watch a new release. Most people enjoy the big screen, the surround sound, and the concessions. Would this all be replaced by mobile technology? It’s hard to imagine that we will all resort to watching movies on our smartphones and tablets and not in the comfort of our home theaters.

As you’ll see in the clip below, Netflix on an iPhone can be useful for us on the go and for those of us with kids and no entertainment system in the car, having this technology is great to keep the kids entertained. Would you really be able to use this in place of the true home theater experience?

It’s true that smartphones and tablets have increased so much in popularity but I don’t think there is a concern where this will take the place of a true home theater experience. The Z6 Mag article has valid points and it made us think about it. Our conclusion is that it will not replace the home theater and it will enhance the experience. Just like we said in our Home Theater App blog from last week, smartphones and tablets enhance our home theater experience, they don’t take away from it.

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