Build Your Custom Theater Chair


Do you remember the days when your weekends consisted of running home from work and getting ready for a night out with your friends just thinking how much fun you’re going to have at the night club of your choice? You couldn’t wait to wear your favourite dress shirt (or dress for you ladies), have a few drinks and dance your night away. The night consisted of a lot of laughs, a lot of transactions from the clubs ATM (those crazy service charges!!), a lot of bad one liners from the bar stars, and more than likely you all ended up at a Denny’s or a McDonalds drive thru. Back then a cheeseburger and a milkshake at 4:00 a.m. was pure heaven. There were the not so good nights as well. How many of you had those nights where you got back home without any idea what you just did? You try to figure out where all your money went and some times you even wondered where all your friends went. Then you wonder, “how did I end up sharing a cab with some random person who looked like they just walked out of one of those Saw movies? Now fast forward to present day where all of your friends and yourself included, have kids and all you look forward to on the weekends is coming home and having a nice relaxing night with your family (and friends if you call them over). What a difference a few years can make. Your dress shirt and dress from your club days is now a t-shirt that has a print of your kids dance class on it and that dress is now a pair of comfy track pants, (or yoga pants for you trendy moms). From screaming loud conversations at a night club to screaming kids running around, sometimes you need something to get them to relax and not be so loud. We have a guaranteed way for you to get your kids to relax and what’s better than a movie? A great movie can calm down any child or group of children and this option does not consist of hiring a babysitter for the night. It’s a win win situation. You call your friends over with their children for a fun night together. The parents can have “grown up” conversations while all the kids can play together and watch a movie in your home theater. What movies can help a group of, lets say, fifteen kids who are in the same age range? Here are five of our picks and in no particular order:
  1. Toy Story has always been popular with kids, we think it’s the piggy bank that steals the show
  2. Finding Nemo is a great movie, even though the opening scene is a downer, the movie is funny
  3. Babe captivates kids all the time. Personally, we thought Gordy was great too
  4. Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers even the title is funny
  5. Home Alone, even if it’s not Christmas time, this movie is a sure hit
There are some essentials to having a home theater, not only for yourself but also for your kids. One of the most important aspects of child-friendly home theater seating would be leather seats. You know they’re going to spill every little drop of every thing you give them, from juice to popcorn, it’s best not to have cloth seats so the clean-up stage is always easy. Don’t forget, kids love to draw and they’ll draw on anything. From your seating to themselves and the adventurous kids will draw on other kids so try to keep all drawing tools away. If you do give them crayons or markers, leather seating comes in practical once again (and some handy wipes would be great too). 3 model c1 We also recommend to keep all the electronics out of reach. Put your flat screen TV up high enough so they don’t damage it. You know one of the little girls will go running to try and hug one of the characters like Babe so keep those TV’s at least four feet off the ground. You don’t want to have a sippy cup inside your subwoofer, (well we hope you don’t want it in there). If you don’t keep your speakers at a level they cannot reach. Yes the subwoofer has to be on the ground so keep it out of reach, if it’s in an enclosed area, even better. All the chords and wires are hidden so that isn’t a concern and as long as you have patience to handle a large group of kids, you are all set. A home theater can be a great way to have your friends over and reminisce about those crazy single days while keeping your kids entertained at the same time. A great home theater, along with great movies, will give you even better stories to share, stories that will surpass those stories of nights out in your single days.