Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Home Theater Gift Ideas

We are twenty days away from Christmas. The malls and stores are full of shoppers so now is a great time to offer some home theater gift ideas to help all you shoppers out there. For home theater enthusiasts, you have so much to choose from; seating, surround sound speakers, sound bar speakers, TV’s and projectors, Blu-ray players, Blu-ray movies, gaming systems, etc. etc. With so much to choose from, let’s showcase some of the best gifts for home theater lovers!

1) Furniture (of course that’s #1): There are plenty to choose from. You can buy already made seating or you can take the custom route. Our chairs are made for you, we do not mass produce. You place an order and we make it to your specifications. Custom ergonomic support, fine quality Valentino leather, cine-suede, or silk leather fabric, and you can also choose your own foam density. Our chairs make an ideal christmas gift this holiday season. Customize a chair design here (just click)!

2) Smart TV’s: This past July, we wrote about Smart TV’s (click here to read about it). The Samsung Smart TV’s are simply amazing. The 8000 series comes as a 64″ screen with and all the features we mentioned back in July. The Samsung Smart TV’s is a great choice this season.

3) Epson Powerlite Home Cinema Projector:  In September, we wrote about the outstanding Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 710 HD Projector. The cost is lower compared to higher end projectors but the quality is superb. Read the details here.

4) Sound Bar Speakers: Just last week we wrote about Sound Bar Speakers and there’s great reason to. You don’t need a surround sound system with Sound Bar Speakers which will cut down costs substantially. Read up about this new trend in home theater equipment!

With so much to choose from and from so many retailers offering special promotions and discounts, holiday shopping can be tiring and frustrating so we hope a few of our ideas may help you this season.

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