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Are Home Theaters Driving People Away From Stadiums?

A recent article in the Longview, Texas News Journal, entitled “Home Theaters Rivaling Stadiums”, stated technology has given the consumer greater opportunity to own big screen TV’s since the price has dropped so much over the past few years. With LCD, LED, and Plasma TV’s as well as state of the art sound systems, the need to go to a busy stadium isn’t necessary.  With TV stations all in HD, the quality is just as good at home than it is in the stadium itself.

The article mentions the seating in an arena or stadium, comfort is usually not thought of. In a home theater environment, seat selection can be customized to your liking which makes the home environment ideal for sports viewing. Dependent on the size of your home theater room, you can have the layout that best suits your needs. Having friends and family over to watch a big game can be shared with the exact number of people you want around. If you all cheer for the same team, the intimate setting can make for exciting times. Instead of 20,000 to 70,000 people screaming and chanting, you have close friends and family all cheering for the  same team.

Thearticle, “Home Theaters Rivaling Stadiums” made mention of how important draft beer is for many beer drinkers.  At one time you could only purchase draft beer in bars or events such as concerts, sporting events, or in restaurants. Nowadays, the home owner can purchase a home keg refrigerator so you can pour your own draft beer in the comfort of your own home. If this isn’t of importance to you than a home keg is not needed at all. If you’re not a big drinker you probably don’t like being around all those in the stadiums that do. You can be free of the drinking environment in your own home.

An important cost not mentioned was the price of tickets. Going to an NFL or NHL game can cost you  a lot of money. According to Ticketmaster, a Seattle Seahawks game ranges from $65.00 to $425.00 . Let’s not forget to mention travel expenses and the travel time. Fuel prices are at a high everywhere.

To view the Longview, Texas News Journal article, please click the here. With the new NFL season starting in the next few weeks, we may be able to see if this article is accurate. Will attendance be down at these games or will people still attend like they have in previous years? It really depends on your situation. If you like the crowd and the environment or if you prefer the commentators on TV and the intimacy you can only have in your home. Watching sporting events in the home is a positive environment that brings people together as well.

Your feedback is always appreciated so let us know what you think is the ideal sporting environment. We would love to hear it.