Build Your Custom Theater Chair

#hometheater Seating & Themes

Over the years, here at Elite Home Theater Seating, we ventured into theater designs, specifically for customers that want a themed room. As home theater seating manufacturers, we pride ourselves in the luxury our products give our customers. Our main focus has always been home theater seating and we continue to make the best in the business. Sit in one of our seats and you will feel the difference. However if a customer requests a themed room design we are exciting to do that for them.

Most recently, our Dark Knight themed room caused a stir with Batman and movie fans. The positive reviews and comments were truly amazing. With the creative talent of our CEO, Bobby Bala, the Dark Knight themed room was born. The only catch to designing this room was that the customer was then going to purchase his home theater seating from us because at the core of our business we are a home theater seating manufacturer. From the early days of Elite Home Theater Seating to present day, our main focus has been to make the most luxurious home theater seating which we proudly do on a daily basis.

Since the Dark Knight themed room was released, our Twitter and Facebook pages have been inundated with requests for other themed room designs. We’ve been asked to make Finding Nemo, Jaws, Halloween (the Rob Zombie version), & even The Breakfast Club. All of these movies would make great themed home theater rooms. Just like the Dark Knight room, we are happy to fulfill this request as long as the seating is purchased from us as well. That’s a great deal!

f1_blue_home_theater_seating (1)

Pictured is our F1 (arm profile F with back rest style 1) made of silk leather, hidden cup holders that slide out with custom wood species and stains. The black onyx colour makes this a standout pieces in any room. The configurations on our chairs are endless so you can customize these to what benefits you the most. Build your own seat with our chair customizer right here.

If you have a themed room you would like designed, I’m sure we can accommodate and our customized chairs will make you never want to leave that room.

We always appreciate your comments and feedback so contact through Facebook, Twitter, email or by phone.