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Most Popular Layout Styles For Theater Chairs & Auditorium Seating

Designing theater seating for your home or commercial setting should be an enjoyable experience. At Elite Home Theater Seating, all of our designs and layout styles for theater chairs are customizable to best meet your needs. We also have many popular layouts that can assist with the design or serve as a springboard for the creative process. To list a few: curved or straight rows of 3 or 4, as well as the straight or curved flanked loveseat. To view more of our

One of Elite’s most popular models, especially for residential use, is the flanked loveseat: straight or curved. The reason clients enjoy it so much is it gives the user the option to cuddle with a loved one while watching a film, while still having the option to recline each seat separately, and also have two separate seating positions on the side for guests your children, etc. If you like, throw in a third seat in the middle and make it a flanked three seat sofa, which is another popular option.

We offer popular layout styles for auditoriums as well, starting with as few theater chairs as you like and reaching as many as you wish each theater row to hold.

David Seidl Theater layout 2
If you’re designing a home theater for your family, a popular layout style, as mentioned above, is our 4-Seat-Configuration, which can be configured into a curved layout as shown above or into a straight layout – whichever works best for your home theater space. Any chair model from Elite’s luxury line can accommodate this configuration and your selected model is arranged in a stylish fashion that will maximize space in the room while also providing optimal views of the screen and creating intimacy with your fellow viewers.

Jevgenijs Vlasenko Project Theater layout 2
If you are looking for a medium sized theater seating layout, the 7-seat-configuration is a popular choice, and also provides a combination of the popular 4-seat and 3-seat configurations discussed earlier. This configuration model gives an example of the metric dimensions for 7 theater seats to fit comfortably in your theater/auditorium. The diagram accounts for space from the wall and rows in front to optimize the viewing experience.

Skyline Development – 9150 Oriole Way Theater 2
If you are looking for a bigger venue, something like our 19-Seat-Configuration looks like an authentic but intimate movie theater. The auditorium seating allows for 19 theater chairs to fit in an allotted space at a bit of a curve. This design is very popular for commercial buyers or small venues. Please note, however, that this image is not a specific example of what you can purchase. As a reminder, at Elite, we customize our home theater chairs to fit your exact needs. Yes, you can most certainly purchase 3 rows of 7, but if you require 3 rows of 19, we can work with you to make that happen as well. Again, whatever works best for you and your project.

Elite Home Theater Seating has an experienced team of professionals who would love to help you design your theater seating. Remember, we allow customization off of all of our templates. Visit our website and check out our recent projects for ideas and inspiration. And if you require a specialty 3D layout design for your home theater project, contact us at [email protected] or phone us today (604-575-8310).