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Our whisper quiet power recliners and smooth as silk motion slider mechanism make relaxing in front of the big screen a breeze.

Take your home cinema experience to the next level.

How It Works

- Step 1 -

Design Your Power Recliner

Customize every element of any of our power recliners to make your dream chair that’s perfect for your space.

We have a wide range of base models to get you started that are built 100% modularly, so you can change, swap, redesign and customize every single element.

- Step 2 -

Request A

Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your new power recliner, it’s time to request a quote.

Our power recliners are 100% custom made to order, right here in our Canada facility before being shipped out right around the world.

Complete the form and quickly receive your quote and an estimated delivery time.

- Step 3 -


Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!

You chair will be assembled by our highly skilled and experienced master craftsmen, and delivered to your chosen location, anywhere in the world.

20 Year Warranty

Our famous 20 year warranty covers all of the key parts of your chair and offers you the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

The industrial strength, thick-steel recliner mechanism in all of our Power Recliners is included in that 20 year warranty as standard.

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Home theater seating custom design Elite HTS
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As part of our concierge service, we provide complimentary layout schematics as shown below to registered Home Theater Integrators, Interior Designers and Home Builders.

Any home theater layout idea you have in mind, we'll make it happen. As we manufacture each chair to your exact designs, we can customize the sizing of your theater chairs to match the radius of your platforms and the optimum sight-line angles to your screen.

Please complete the form below to request a customized layout render for your home theater.

We will require room dimensions and any other information you can provide us so that we can ensure your theater seating fits like a glove in your home theater.


Home theater seating dimensions Elite HTS

Power Recliners

Enjoying your home theater is so much easier when you have the right seating. Your sofa or chair can add to your experience whether you are trying to relax after a long day at work or settling in for a day of binge-watching or a movie marathon.

There’s a reason we say, “put your feet up and relax.” That’s because reclining with your feet raised is a great way to unwind. Just be careful because you may be so comfortable that you drift off to sleep, missing the shows and movies you wanted to watch!

All recliners are great, but power recliners go the extra mile, allowing for a multitude of different positions at the touch of a button. Find your perfect comfort zone whether you are sitting upright to eat or drink, laying nearly flat, or anything in between. Switch between positions quickly and easily as your mood and your needs change.

A power recliner eases pain by distributing weight and reducing pressure on muscles, bones, and joints. If you are suffering from neck pain, you may benefit from having increased neck support, and a sufficiently high leg lift can help with circulation.

Power recliners avoid the issue some recliners experience where it takes some effort to lock the footrest in place when you are ready to get up. A smooth-functioning and whisper-quiet motor does all the work for you. All you need to do is relax.

Your power recliner will quickly become your favourite spot, especially when you consider the options available. Customize the width and add some trim. Underglow lighting can jazz it up and a swivel tray lets you keep your favourite snacks close at hand. After all, what movie isn’t made better by a bowl of hot, buttery popcorn?

Looking for storage compartments to hide the remote or game controller? How about custom storage drawers? Your power recliner can be whatever you need it to be. You can even add in a USB port to keep your phone charged and at your side.
Working with tight spaces? No problem! Our slide and recline mechanism requires only 4 inches of wall clearance behind the chair for a full recline!

Your power recliner will be hand crafted and custom made to provide you the unparalleled comfort and beauty. Made from the best cushioning foam and combined with fine-tuned lumbar and upper back support to offer resiliency and support, you will be enjoying it for years to come.

Why wait to experience the ultimate in comfort? Design your ideal power recliner today and see the difference it makes to your home theater enjoyment, or even a night reading in the living room.

And don’t forget – we also provide complementary layout schematics to help you make the most of your home theater experience with the right seat at the right viewing angle.

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