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At Elite HTS, our unique, 100% customizable chairs are all designed and built to order, meaning any of our standard chairs can easily be placed on risers to create endless rows of perfect viewing angles.

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Here at Elite HTS, we believe that your home theater should always be the peak of comfort. So with a home theater couch bed, you’re able to turn your home theater into an even more luxurious experience. Free from the constraints of a chair or couch, you can completely spread out and enjoy the cinematic experience in total comfort.

Able to be utilized as a couch or a bed, you can easily switch between day and night in your home theater with ease, making a theater bed the perfect addition to any setting. As a luxurious option for just about any occasion, it’s the next evolution in the home theater experience. Whether you’re seeing a king-size bed for your home cinema viewing or simply on the hunt for a media room bed/couch combo to be used for visiting guests, Elite HTS can assist you with the theater bed you need.

Enjoy custom confort with your theater couch

Our range of theater beds has emerged as an increasingly popular option for those looking to give their home theater an extra edge. Available in a range of stylish colors, fabrics, and designs, you’ll be able to find furniture to suit any decor — whether you’re after ultra-modern black leather recliners or require something more understated, you’re able to customize your home cinema bed to your heart’s content. Our modeling tool will enable you to experiment with a variety of different features, creating the ideal option for your decor and surroundings. You’re able to specify the wood, fabric, color, and style you’d like,  so you’ll be able to guarantee that it fits in perfectly with the rest of your home’s interiors.

Each of our theater couch beds is built from scratch to your exact specifications, imbued with the finest quality, and provided with a 20-year warranty. You can always rest assured that Elite HTS will provide you with top-quality, long-lasting work that will stand up to rigorous use.

Discover your ideasl media room couch combination with Elite HTS

So why not start building your media room bed with Elite HTS today? Simply get in touch with us for more information on a cinema bed price, to find out more about how we can create your ideal home cinema furniture solution, or if you have any other questions.

In addition to our range of home cinema beds, we’re also able to create a variety of other furniture, including chaises, recliners, cuddle couches, and more. Explore our chair creation tool for more information.


We sell a wide variety of different colors and different designs for home theater furniture. All of our pieces are completely customizable across fabric, color and size, so you’ll be able to create a piece that will perfectly match your decor.

At Elite HTS, we’re experienced in designing custom furniture for home theaters, to help you create the perfect setting and ambience for your viewing experience. Our products are built from scratch to your exact specifications and also provided with a 20-year warranty. We’ll work with you to ensure that you have the perfect furniture for your home — and you can always be sure that our craftsmanship will be of the highest quality.

We can be contacted via phone, email or our inquiry form on our website. Call 604-575-8310 to speak to us during normal business hours, email us at [email protected] or get in touch with us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and creating your ideal theater furniture fit out.