Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Choosing Your Layout

Our home theater layout ideas guide is the perfect place to start.

We also offer complimentary layout services to qualified dealers, to help get the most out of your space and design the perfect layout for your movie room

Home theater seating dimensions Elite HTS
home theater paint colors

Painting Your Home Theater

Need help choosing a color scheme for your movie room?

Our home theater paint color guide is a must-read.

Designing Your Home Theater

This handy round-up of our best home theater design resources has all the links and design information you need.

From tips on designing your chairs to equipment tech specs. This guide has you covered.

home theater seating custom design Elite HTS
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Choosing Your Lighting

Getting the right lighting in your movie room is a crucial part of creating the ultimate home theater experience.

This comprehensive home theater lighting ideas guide will help you make the right choices for your space.

Choosing a projector

Read our handy, in-depth article on the best home theater projectors to help you make the right choice.

Our experts take you through the things to look for when choosing a projector and give their top advice for making the right choice.

home theater projector LCD vs LED

Choosing Your Sound System

The right sound equipment can make or break your home cinema experience.

Here at Elite HTS, we work with the worlds leading AV Integrators to help our clients achieve the best home theater sound system.

Set Your Budget

These home theater budget tips will help you work out how much your dream home theater costs, and where best to focus your resources.

Read our guide to find out how to budget for your next movie room.

Working out the budget for a custom home theater
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Get Inspired

This round-up of some of our favorite custom home theaters is sure to get your inspiration flowing.

From guitar-themed home cinemas to kid-friendly theaters.