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Home theater has a new product to add to its collection. Samsung has introduced their new line, the LED 8000 and 7500 Series Smart TV’s, which come in two sizes, 55″ and 51″. The smart TV is a web browser, a video phone, and a 2D & 3D television. The premier version, the 55″ LED 8000 series retails for $3,749.99.

A list of functions on the new Smart TV:

  • Gesture control allows you to manually operate your TV without the use of a remote control. The user operates the TV by using their hands to choose what it is they would like to experience on the TV. This is not a touch screen either, you simply move your hands and the TV reads your movement and selects the choice you want.
  • A Smart Touch Remote Control also comes with the TV which allows you to navigate your TV with a fully functional touch pad. The remote has a built-in microphone for giving your TV voice commands.
  • A wireless keyboard that accompanies this TV can be used to navigate the internet or use for numerous functions on the TV as well.
  • A built in camera allows you to video chat via Skype and the Smart Hub gives you access to all the features of the smart TV. Social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube are integral to the features of this TV. Samsung apps can be downloaded, similar to apps for the iPhone and iPad, ranging from sports, weather, entertainment (Netflix), and a variety of other apps.

Updating the TV is also a simple procedure. The “Evolution Kit” will allow you to keep your TV current and updated with the latest technology available. If you have a Samsung phone or Galaxy tablet, there is a free Smart View app that transforms your smart phone into a remote, all while having a Wi-Fi signal.

A smart TV can change how we operate in the confines of your home theater environment. Not only can we watch movies and sports but now we can surf the net, send out a tweet, or video call a friend or family.