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The iPad Chair

The iPad chair was first released to the public in 2010 to positive reviews. We know how often we sit down with an iPad and struggle to use it without getting uncomfortable especially after a long period of time. We are aware of how awkward it can be so we came up with a great solution, to build a chair specifically made to house your iPad and avoid struggling to use it while you sit down.

Starting at $2495.00, The iPad chair is equipped with the Luxa2 H4 iPad holder which holds our iPad securely in place. A hands free iPad is the best way to use it. The iPad holder fits right into the existing cup holder of our chairs. Click here for a review of our D1 Model from Electronic House where they discuss the Luxa2 H4 The iPad chair holder.

Our president and CEO, Bobby Bala, gives us a look into the wonders of The iPad chair in the YouTube clip below:

With The iPad chair your iPad can become your home theater control center. Companies such as Creston and Home Logic offer apps for your iPad to make your home theater interactive and very easy to use. Don’t think this is just one of our models with a customized iPad holder because it is far from that. The chair is designed for comfort while you use your iPad. The head and arm rests and the back of the chair are ergonomically designed for optimizing the use of your iPad.

To read why Mr. Bala designed The iPad chair, please click here. Find out where the idea came from as well as information on all the options and all the different styles and models you can choose to make your own customized iPad chair.