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Home theaters come equipped with high quality equipment and while technology changes rapidly, Blu-ray players are still important. The sound and picture quality is far superior than a standard DVD player and miles ahead of the quality streamed online.The Sony PlayStation 3 can have added benefits to your home theater because it has multiple uses.

The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) can be used as a gaming device, plays Blu-ray DVD’s, CD’s, & standard DVD’s, online streaming from Netflix, and it can be used to play video games online. Having so many purposes than just a standard Blu-ray player, the PS3 can be a great addition to your home theater. The 320 GB PS3 retails for $299.


  • The PS3 can play all Blu-ray DVD’s as well as regular DVD’s/CD’s, and DivX playback
  • The 320 GB hard-drive gives you the option of storing lots of your favourite songs which can be put in playlists and played at any time
  • All games come in high definition, free online gaming services, and hardcore gamers love playing online
  • Download games and movies directly from the PlayStation Network
  • Digital camera connectivity allows you to upload pictures directly to the hard drive
  • Built in Wi-Fi enables you to connect to your network and to the internet
  • Internet browser
  • Video Chat
  • Bluetooth
  • Controllers

The PS3 is a multi-purpose entertainment system that adds value to a home theater. Not only can you play video games, you don’t need to purchase a Blu-ray DVD player. The online options make the PS3 even more attractive than it already is.