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ViewSonic Introduces Their LED-Laser Hybrid Home Theater Projector

On September 11, 2012, Viewsonic unveiled their new LED-laser hybrid home theater projector, the PRO9000 Laser Hybrid LED lampless Home cinema projector.

The lamp-free PRO9000 enhances 50% colour range and has 100,000:1 contrast ratio combines laser and LED technology. Viewsonic states the PRO9000 has high quality, vibrant images with high definition multimedia content with full HD resolution. The viewer can enjoy Blu-ray DVD’s, games, and media players all in high definition. Now for all of us who love the environment you will be happy to hear the Pro9000 is environmentally friendly with a mercury free laser.

The PRO9000 is set to be released in October, only in Europe for now. Viewsonic is celebrating their 25th year in business and the PRO9000 shows the company remains vibrant with introducing ground breaking technology. On the day the Pro9000 was introduced, Viewsonic also introduced the VSD220, a 22″ Android-based Smart Display and the VP2770-LED, a high-resolution 27″ monitor for graphics professionals

Main Features of the PRO9000:

  1. Laser LED Hybrid Technology for Superior Colour Performance
  2. Full HD 1080p Delivers the Finest Picture Quality
  3. 100,000:1 Ultra High Contrast Ratio for Razor-Sharp Images
  4. Lamp-Free Design For over 20,000 Hours of Usage
  5. HDMI Digital Connectivity

Viewsonic hit the bulls eye last week. The PRO9000 looks as if it will be a big improvement to the home theater projector industry. Retailing for  €1,599 to £1,999 (inc. VAT), we anticipate the release in North America. For a detailed description on the features of the PRO9000, please click here.

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