Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Ways To Spice Up Your Home Theater Seats

At Elite Home Theater Seating, we offer a variety of customizable options for your sleek, smart, and savvy custom home theater design. From the material your theater chairs are upholstered in, to specific dimensions, and high-end accessories, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from.

First and foremost, Elite’s system is modular. This means that you can pair any armrest with any backrest. On the “Build Your Chair” portion of our website, you may begin this process by selecting your preferred arm-style, backrest, color, material, foam density, etc. Only the armrest, material, and a number of seating positions selected affect the overall price of your built-from-scratch media chair – so go wild and explore your options.

This process is just the beginning, though, as your theater chairs can be customized however you like (within reason). Cup holders are included standard in all of our seats and you may select from four different color options: black, gunmetal, copper, and silver. Custom colors are also available and should you wish to remove the cup holder altogether you can do that too.

Another way to bring a splash of sophistication to your chairs is to include contrast stitching. Typically when an order is placed, Elite’s seamstress will use thread that is the same color as the upholstery material. However, if you chose to include a zany purple highlight stitch on sleek black seats, your theater chairs are sure to subtly pop in your personal cinema. The color variations are endless!

Lastly, previous clients have liked specific designs of two different features of our media room recliners. For instance, one client was in awe of the outside stitching shown on the J-series armrest but preferred the shape of the F-series armrest. After speaking with Elite’s production manager we were able to accommodate this client’s request: an F-series armrest with the J-series stitch.

Due to our custom nature, there are many possibilities for your future home theater seating. Have your own unique ideas? Talk to your sales representative to discuss your next project!