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Home entertainment has come a long way and so have home theater interior styles. We’ve had the pleasure of working with home owners and interior designers to create their vision into reality. One of the initial steps in designing a home theater is figuring out what your interior style is. We’ve put together a quick reference guide to various home theater interior styles.


One of the popular choices of style amongst many designers today. Modern, clean lines, minimalist and neutral colors, and contemporary recliners are the main characteristics of this interior style. This style tends to focus on simple shapes, uncluttered open space, and current trends.

Elke Moobel, Red theater


Antique styling with elegant and graceful shapes, curves, and deep colors. This style typically tends to be formal and understated with a focus on classic lines. Furniture in this style tends to be soft, smooth, functional, and unfussy.

Decora Homes


The possibilities are endless! We’ve created some fabulous themed theaters based on The Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman. You’re only limited by your imagination here.

home theater seating 21

Art Deco

Last but not least, reminiscent of the post-World War I era, sleek, sophisticated, and shiny. Art deco is characterized by geometrical shapes with a focus on creating a lavish and glamorous look.

best color for home theater

So, what’s your home theater style? Have a look at our Models & Colors page to custom design your home theater seating to suit your individual style.