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Xpand’s New 3D for Home Theater

“We saw that the time was right to create a dedicated Home Theater Division” – Maria Costeira, CEO of Xpand 3D (DCinema Today, 2012)

XPand 3D Cinema System has been added to over 5000 movie theaters worldwide. You may have not heard of them before but it is more than likely that you have witnessed their technology while watching a movie at your local theater. 3D technology for the home has increased since 2010 when Samsung released the worlds first 3D LED HDTV. XPand has decided to introduce their 3D glasses for home theaters.

What makes these 3D glasses different is how they operate. 3D technology depends on stereopsis, (perception of depth produced by the reception in the brain of visual stimuli from both eyes in combination).The XPand technology uses alternating shuttering of the lenses. Since this is done so quickly, the human eye cannot tell. So while the right eye is blocked, the left is visible and when the left is blocked, the right is visible. These glasses are not the plastic disposable kind you receive at a movie theater. These 3D glasses start at $119.00. There are three styles to choose from, YOUniversal Electronic 3D Eyewear, Universal 3D Glasses, & DLP®-Link Edux 3D Glasses. 

For the 3D glasses to work, the AE125 IR emitter is needed.  By placing the emitter at the back of your home theater, the emitter projects to the screen. As this occurs, the signal then bounces off the screen directly to the 3D glasses.

There are three kits available:

  1. The QC Cinema Kit includes: an AE125 Emitter, Mid-Range, Wide Angle-25 degrees, and 10 X103-C3 Infinity glasses.
  2. The QC Pro Kit includes: an AE125 Emitter, Mid-Range, Wide Angle-25 degrees, and 10 X103-C1 Infinity Pro glasses.
  3. The XPAND VIP Cinema Kit includes: an AE125 Emitter, Mid-Range, Wide Angle-25 degrees and 10 X104 LX1 YOUniversal Glasses.

For more information on XPand, please visit their website. With the popularity of home theaters and the popularity of 3D for the home increasing at such a rapid rate,  XPand 3D could be an essential in 3D home theaters in the near future.