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Tips For Buying A Big & Tall Recliner

When you are big and/or tall, not every recliner fits perfectly.  Here are some tips on shopping for and buying big and tall recliners.  

Anyone who owns a recliner is aware of how comfortable they can be. When you purchase one, it will more likely than not become everyone’s favourite seat in your home. You may experience one small problem when looking for your perfect recliner, however: size.

When trying out different recliners, you may start to feel that they are meant to be one size fits all but keep looking! Just like people, there are a variety of sizes available for your recliner. If the recliners that you have tried make you feel like you are being squeezed, that is not ideal for a relaxing night at home reading or watching a movie or TV show in your home theater.

There is a great deal of effort put into office chairs to provide ergonomic support and ensure that the user remains comfortable throughout their day, but shouldn’t there be just as much thought put into the chairs that we choose to relax in?

Even among oversized or big and tall recliners, there is some variance, as well as other factors to consider, so here are some tips for buying a big and tall recliner:

Check the Measurements

This is the most obvious. Smaller recliners may have a width of 100 cm (39”) or less. Mid-size recliners tend to be 101 cm to 124 cm (40” to 49”) and large ones for the big and tall measure 127 cm (50”) in width or more. The better your recliner fits your body type, the more comfortable it will be and the more stress it will take off your joints when you are trying to relax.

For larger people, check for a seat height of at least 45 cm (18”) and a back height of 114 cm (45”). The recline length should be a minimum of 190 cm (75”).

Check the Weight Restrictions

Not everyone is aware that most chairs have weight limits. For the average recliner, that limit tends to fall between around 113 to 159 kg (250 to 350 lbs). Recliners made for those with big or tall needs will have higher weight limits.

Is the Brand Known for Durability?

Investing in a high-quality brand is important. There is always the tendency to seek out a deal when making a purchase, but you want to be sure that the recliner you bring home is durable and will last you for years to come.

Number of Positions

Try to find a recliner with multiple positions. Ideally, you would want seated, partly reclined, and fully reclined.

Space Available

You need to ensure that you will have enough room for your oversized recliner. Depending on the recline, you will need to position it a variable amount of distance from the wall. Many recliners need to sit at least 30 cm (12 inches) in front of the wall to open completely, though you may want to allow for a little more room so that the headrest will not be almost touching the wall.

A space-saving recliner, also known as a wall-saver, typically needs about 15 cm (6 inches) of space between the wall and headrest in an upright position, though some require even less.

Appearance and Style

For many people, making sure that their luxury recliner, or any other piece of furniture, enhances their interior design is an important consideration. Colour, design, and fabric all impact the overall appearance. Being able to have a custom-made seat would obviously be a major advantage.

Additional Features

Are you looking for extra features for your recliner? Would you like a heat source or massage apparatus to ease back discomfort at the end of your day? Do you want the chair to feature a manual recline, or electric? Today, there are many options available, depending on your desires and budget.

Finding the right recliner for you is important to allow you to fully enjoy its use. No one wants to feel cramped and uncomfortable when they should be relaxing. Once you have found the right seat for you, however, you can look forward to not only using it in comfort but enjoying some related benefits that you may not have considered.

Your big and tall recliner can help you in many ways, including:

Reduced Stress

Stress can cause many different issues such as headaches and migraines. By offering tremendous comfort and support, your recliner can help reduce stress. Have you ever noticed that when we want to relax, we automatically recline in our chairs—even if they are not built to recline in? Assuming a reclined position in a proper recliner, your spine is rested, your back is supported, and your legs are elevated, all of which are perfect for deep relaxation and the reduction of stress.

Improved Circulation

Many of us spend long days sitting at a desk, causing blood to rush to our legs and feet. Reclining raises your feet to a position that allows gravity to help improve circulation.

Eases Back Pain and Joint Pain

As many as 85% of working people will experience lower back pain due to the stress and fatigue of their job, especially if that job requires them to remain sedentary. A high-quality recliner should offer lumbar support that can help reduce back pain with regular use.

Your recliner may also help reduce pain in other areas such as your shoulders and neck. Joint pain can be eased by reclining in a chair that offers the right kind of support as it will correct the angle of the joints and direct the muscles downward. Recliners can be so helpful to those suffering joint pain that they are sometimes designated as medical equipment.

Your big and tall recliner will not only be the most comfortable seat in your home, but one that provides you with many side benefits, all while you enjoy your favorite book, movie, or music.

At Elite Home Theater Seating, you can custom design your own home theater chair, including big and tall recliners or cuddle couches to fit even the largest frame.  All of our home theater chairs are custom handcrafted to meet your needs and expectations.  

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