Build Your Custom Theater Chair
I1 Truffle Silk Leather with lit cup holders

Accessories & Custom Options

Elite Hmoe Theater stitch details

It’s all about the little things.

The only thing that’s better than an Elite Chair is an Elite Chair that’s been decked out with a host of convenient and attractive custom home theater seating accessories and visual upgrades.

From piping and quilting on your leather to illumination underneath your seat or in your cupholders, we have the ability to match any theater-style, from Mad Men to The Fifth Element.

Accessories for all occasions


Really want to set your home theater seats apart from the rest? Consider incorporating any of our high-end accessory options to your seating design. From trays and wine holders to sound amplifiers and reading lights, the options are endless. If you don’t see your desired accessory here, ask our sales team about what you are wanting to do and we’ll try to make it happen!

Theatre Chair Oval Drink and Snacks Tray

Ovular Tray

Wood Tray

Theatre Chair Reading Light

Reading Light

Solid Stainless Steel

Crowson Actuator Illustration 1

Crowson Tactile Motion

Crowson Transducers convert sound into vibrations

Theatre Chair Square Drink and Snack Tray

Rectangular Tray

Wood Tray

Theatre Chair controls

Chair Controls

Lights up (incl. USB 2.0 port)

Lit cupholder (i) arm Silk Leather Truffle


Lights up

Seating Upgrades


C1 Black Onyx Silk Leather Flint Grey piping with quilted insets


Quilting is a luxury option for your home theater that is sure to gain admiration from your family and friends. Quilting adds a bit of extra comfort while also adding sophistication and glamor which will set your home cinema apart from others.

C1 Black Onyx Silk Leather with Ash Silk Leather piping


Contrast piping is a popular option as it gives an added burst of color and texture to your cinema seats.

Elite HTS pattern
D3 Black Silk Leather with Aztec Embroidery & Piping with extra wide arms with custom storage


Nothing says customized like your initials or the logo of your favorite team embroidered on the headrest of each chair. Ask us about options for fonts or provide your own to make it truly yours.

Custom C1M Sofa with extra-wide arms

Custom Widths

Want to customize the dimensions of your chairs to provide added height or width to your seats, armrests, or backrests? It’s as simple as providing your desired measurements and we’ll be happy to make sure your chairs fit perfectly.

Elite HTS Custom Trim Tacks

Trim Tacks

Looking to add a more classic touch to your home cinema seats? Our elegant tacking option is a beautiful way to give your home theater a classic Hollywood feel, offered in a myriad of colors to match your personal style.

Elite HTS custom multi-colored fabrics

Multi-coloured Textiles

For a unique look, adding multi-colored leathers or materials offers more opportunities to match your home decor or a specific home theater style – did someone say Star Trek?

Fabrics and Finishes


Elite HTS pattern

We’ve spent years searching for the most perfect and luxurious materials for our cinema seats, and we’re proud to say we’ve done it with our Valentino Leather, SIlk Leather, and Cine-Suede options. We believe in these materials so much that we offer a 5-year warranty to back them up. Want to see them in person? Simply ask our sales team and we’ll be happy to send you a set of sample materials to help you choose the right one for you.


Blue Silk Leather

Valentino Leather

Our standard, natural, top grain leather is sourced from Italy, and is of the highest quality our customers expect.

Maroon Faux Silk Leather

Silk Leather

An extremely soft, breathable, and flexible synthetic material that has the visual and spill resistant qualities of leather.

Cinesuede Texture


An extremely high quality suede-textured fabric that provides a warm and cozy true-to-theater cinematic experience.

Custom Fabric

Custom Fabric

Since we are the manufacturer, we have the capabilities to accomodate customers’ own material by request. Just ask!


Wood, Ebony Veneer


For those who like mahogany

White Oak, oak, wood, backing, veneers

White Oak

The perfect contrast to black leather

Maple Burl, maple, burl, veneers

Maple Burl

Adds some visual interest

ETS Woods 3


A Classic look


C1-M Straight Flanked Loveseat with Gun Metal cup-holders

Gun Metal

If you’re looking for a natural metallic look that isn’t overly bright, go for this option that looks like the Millenium Falcon.

Black Cupholder


Looking for the most understated and subtle option? Black is a popular option, especially for darker theatre seating.

Copper Cupholder


If you prefer a finish that will pair nicely with warm wood veneers or natural leather tones, consider copper for your cupholders.

35065585 1274273849375572 138069647944581120 o


If you want to go full T-2000, these are the cupholders for you. Made of solid stainless steel, these bad boys will holster your brews like a boss.

Storage Solutions

Are you looking for more innovative storage solutions in your custom theatre seating?

Whether you prefer to keep your remotes and magazines on the table next to you or tucked away in hidden compartments, we can create custom solutions to match your preferences.

High Tech Upgrades


B1 White Valentino Leather extra wide centre arms with underglow and all in one USB

Underglow Lighting

To make your theatre look like a room from the future, add our custom underglow seat lighting and illuminate your theatre from the ground up. Literally. You can even change the colours with an app on your smartphone to suit your mood.

Crowson Actuators in Elite HTS chairs

Crowson Transducers

For cinephiles who prefer to watch, hear, and feel their movies, these are the perfect addition. Crowson amplifiers, actuators, and transducers convert the sounds of your films into vibrations to match, so you can really experience the action!

USB plug side of chair, blue light, LED. iphone, android, charger

Enhanced USB Ports

Need a convenient place to plug in your phone while watching the game? Upgrade to these USB port/automatic recline button units and never worry about running low on battery again.

Glowing cupholder in custom theater seat arm

Glowing Cupholders

If you have ever wanted your drinks to receive the same level of care and attention as Tony Stark’s chest, then these are the upgrades for you.