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Home Theater Couch

Lie Down, Stretch Out, Get Comfy

Ancient kings and queens were known to enjoy life by laying in the shade with their feet up on an elegant chaise. Experience the same level of luxury by adding our popular Cinema Chaise or Home Theater Couch to your custom cinema room.

Available in 37” and 54" Wide Versions
home theater chaise seating
home theatre seating chaise lounge side view red
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As part of our concierge service, we provide complimentary layout schematics as shown below to registered Home Theater Integrators, Interior Designers and Home Builders.

Any home theater layout idea you have in mind, we'll make it happen. As we manufacture each chair to your exact designs, we can customize the sizing of your theater chairs to match the radius of your platforms and the optimum sight-line angles to your screen.

Please complete the form below to request a customized layout render for your home theater.

We will require room dimensions and any other information you can provide us so that we can ensure your theater seating fits like a glove in your home theater.


Home theater seating dimensions Elite HTS

Custom Made Home Theater Couches

Our home theater couches and cinema sofas are built to last.

With a 20 year warranty, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that our home theater seating is built to stand the test of time.

We also ship our home cinema sofas all over the world to customers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and all over Europe.

Home Cinema Sofas – Build Your Own

Our unique and powerful new tool allows you to completely customize and design your very own home cinema sofa right here on our website.

Get started and design your own cinema sofa here today.

Choose from a huge range of materials, finishings and details to come up with your very own personal design.

Our talented craftsmen will then get to work building you your dream cinema sofa in the way that only they know how.

Looking for some extra comfort? Our range of reclining sofas and couches offers additional, whisper quiet motorized backrests for optimal comfort.