Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Curved Home Theater & Movie Seating


Bend the rules on traditional seating.

Give everyone the perfect viewing angle. Curved theater seating is the solution you’ve been searching for.

With Elite HTS’s seating configurator tool, any of our seats can be easily turned into a curved row that’s custom designed to fit perfectly in your space.

Adding curved theater seating to the ends of your rows is a great way to ensure that everyone can enjoy your ultimate home cinema experience; providing the perfect viewing angle in famous Elite HTS comfort.

How It Works

Step 1 -
Design Your Chair

Our powerful, cutting-edge chair customizer is fun, easy to use and contains almost limitless possibilities and combinations for a truly unique home theater that’s totally yours.

Mix and Match arm styles, backrests and choose from a variety of colors, leather types, wood trims and layouts.

Step 2 -
Request A Quote

Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your new chair, it’s time to request a quote.

All of our curved theater seats are hand built, to order, and our skilled and experienced craftsmen have been committed to creating the highest quality curved seating for over a decade.

Step 3 -

Packaged and shipped around the world, your new custom built curved theater seating will be taking pride of place in your movie room in no time.

So you can sit back, relax, and experience your favourite movie or sports game the way it was always supposed to be.

Our experienced master craftsmen have been hand building the finest quality seating right here in Canada for over a decade.

You can also take advantage of our complimentary layout service, where our team of designers will work with you to plan the perfect seating arrangement and layout for your home cinema.

home theater seating curved
Atmospheric home theater
curved theater seats flanked


As part of our concierge service, we provide complimentary layout schematics as shown below to registered Home Theater Integrators, Interior Designers and Home Builders.

Any home theater layout idea you have in mind, we'll make it happen. As we manufacture each chair to your exact designs, we can customize the sizing of your theater chairs to match the radius of your platforms and the optimum sight-line angles to your screen.

Please complete the form below to request a customized layout render for your home theater.

We will require room dimensions and any other information you can provide us so that we can ensure your theater seating fits like a glove in your home theater.


Home theater seating dimensions Elite HTS

Curved Home Theater Seating

Typically, when we think of home theaters, our first thoughts turn to the big screen TV or projector and an awesome sound system that have you feeling like you’re right in the movie. Many of us have seating somewhere further down the list, but what good is it to have great visuals and sound if you aren’t sitting comfortably to enjoy them?

This is where Elite Home Theater Seating comes in, providing you with the highest-quality custom curved theater seating. When you are building your dream theater, you need your dream seating, built according to your desires from an incredible number of options. Among your many choices, you decide whether you want straight or curved seating.

Not sure what to choose, or wondering what the benefits of curved theater seating are?

Your decision is going to be based, at least in part, on the dimensions of your room. Although you might be thinking that curved theater seating saves you space, it actually consumes more width in the room. For this reason, the more space-conscious straight design tends to be more common. If your home theater is wide enough, however, you can easily accommodate curved rows rather than straight, but why would you want to?

The primary advantage of curved seating has to do with the viewing angle. By curving the row of seats, you are providing a better viewing angle for those sitting at the row ends by orienting the seat toward the screen. The goal of your home theater is to offer a great viewing experience, after all. Turning your head to watch your favourite movie, or program becomes uncomfortable after a time, so make sure that everyone can enjoy their viewing experience to the greatest degree possible.

If your home theater is large enough to accommodate multiple rows, curved seating is most important for the front. Moving further from the screen reduces the sight angle somewhat so that the need for curvature is less pronounced. For these rows, straight seating is generally fine.

If your seats recline, keep in mind that there should be approximately 6 to 7 feet between rows, so screen size, viewing distance, and projector brightness all become factors in your layout.

With Elite HTS, we make it easy to create your perfect seating. Our seating configurator lets you mix and match countless options, visualizing them right on your computer screen. From the type and color of the leather to the type of backrest, arm, trim and more, you are in control. Our seating specialists will hand craft your chosen design to provide you with the most luxurious and comfortable seating imaginable—whether you choose straight or curved seating.