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At Elite HTS, our unique, 100% customizable chairs are all designed and built to order, meaning any of our standard chairs can easily be placed on risers to create endless rows of perfect viewing angles.

Proudly made in Canada, our custom home theater sofas offer both stylish design and superior comfort for you, your family, and your guests. With more than a decade of experience designing and building luxurious home theater seating, we know a thing or two about what it takes to create a truly sublime home theater experience.

Pure luxury in the comfort of your own home

The way that we consume different types of media and entertainment has changed dramatically over the past few years. Thanks to the multitude of streaming services that are now available and the way we consume media, it’s possible to watch the latest blockbuster films while sitting on your very own home theater sofa. Now, the true value of an inclusive, comfortable, luxurious home theater setup has become even more apparent. A customized theater-style sofa is a perfect way to complete your at-home cinema experience.

A higher standard of quality

All of our designs are custom built and made to order. We are absolutely confident in the quality and integrity of our home cinema sofa options, and all come with a 20-year warranty. We never compromise on quality, and this is the high standard of workmanship that our discerning customers around the world have come to recognize and appreciate. Our leather theater sofa options will uplift your home cinema experience to a whole new level.

Create your own custom design

On their own, our home theater sofas are the perfect choice for those who want a comfortable, intimate experience. If you plan on entertaining large groups, then an entertainment room sofa makes the perfect addition to our home theater recliner chairs. There’s no limit on the different types of combinations you can choose – it all depends on what you want. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re happy to help inspire you. Browse our product gallery for ideas, or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. As all of our products are custom-built and made to order, you can choose exactly what you want in your home cinema sofa down to the finest details.


What should I look for in a home cinema sofa?

Ideally, a home theater sofa should last you for years to come. So when buying your media room sofa, you should look for one that suits your needs and tastes and also has a good warranty. As all Elite HTS home theater seating is crafted by hand and adheres to the strictest quality control, we confidently offer a 20-year warranty on our home cinema furniture.

What are the different kinds of home theater sofas offered by Elite HTS?

Elite HTS understands the diverse needs and expectations of its customers. That’s why we have a wide range of different home theater sofa seating options available, including home theater sofas, lounges, cuddle seats, and recliners. You don’t have to settle for just one type of home theater seating – you can mix and match different options depending on the size of your media room and your requirements.

Why should I purchase a luxury home cinema sofa with Elite HTS?

For more than a decade, Elite HTS has been designing and engineering high-quality, luxury theater seating. We have a philosophy that we refer to as the 4 Cs: comfort, craftsmanship, customization, and customer service.

All of our designs are created with our discerning customers in mind, and we ensure that every single piece of furniture is engineered with the utmost care and attention to detail. So when you purchase a home cinema sofa with Elite HTS, you know that you’re getting nothing but the very best.

How can I get in touch with Elite HTS about custom theater seating?

If you have any questions at all about our luxury home theater sofas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and find out how we can help you create your dream home theater setup. Alternatively, you can view our FAQs page to see if you can find the answer to any questions you might have.

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