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At Elite HTS, our unique, 100% customizable chairs are all designed and built to order, meaning any of our standard chairs can easily be placed on risers to create endless rows of perfect viewing angles.

Custom Stadium Seats

At Elite HTS, we’ve been crafting customized stadium seating for over a decade.

With our innovative new design tool, you too can create, customize and design your very own unique recliner sofa. Choose from a range of headrest, armrest and backrest styles to create your very own personal design. Finish off with your choice of materials and trims to build a stadium seating design that works perfectly in your TV room or home theater.

Stadium Seats for Home Cinemas

For movie lovers everywhere, the preferred way to see a movie—especially big-budget summer blockbusters or films of an epic scope with panoramic views—is to watch it in a movie theater. There is something about heading out to the cinema that causes a mix of excitement and nostalgia that makes the experience memorable.

Today, however, home cinemas, with their high-performance sound and giant screens, have started to close the gap with theaters. Technology continues to improve, bringing sharper and more vibrant images into our homes. A high-end home theater can rival—or even in some ways surpass—the movie theater experience.

But the experience of seeing a film in the cinema is made up of a variety of elements, one of which happens to be the seats. Aside from the obvious sound and visuals, what better way is there to duplicate the movie-going experience than with stadium seats for home cinemas?

Stadium seating is just what it sounds like—the type of seating you would find in a sports stadium or theater. This involves each row of seating rising higher than the row immediately before it and there are several reasons why you might want to incorporate this into your home cinema.

You likely don’t have as much space available to you as the average cinema. With that in mind, you will want to maximize the use of space. If your home cinema is a narrow room, you can accommodate more viewers by having multiple rows of seats. To ensure that everyone has an equally clear view of the screen, you can have your second and third rows on risers.

Even if you have a reasonably wide room, many viewers prefer to be centred with the screen, facing forward. Depending on your setup, viewing the screen from an angle may result in the image being reduced in quality. You and your guests won’t want to sit to the side, or worse, have your seat at a 90-degree angle to the screen, which can result in a sore neck in short order.

Finally, if you are going all-in on the concept of a home cinema, you may want to recreate a known or favorite cinema, complete with stadium seating, movie posters and lights, a popcorn machine, and more.

Stadium seats for home cinemas can add considerably to your viewing experience, especially when you make use of our seat customizer to create the exact seat that suits you best. Custom-made to your expectations, these seats will give you one more reason to kick back and binge your favorite shows on Netflix or watch the latest Hollywood epic. We’ll even provide a complimentary layout schematic to help you achieve the perfect viewing angles for your screen.

Create your ideal viewing experience with stadium seats for home cinemas and you’ll never have to go out to the theater again.

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As part of our concierge service, we provide complimentary layout schematics as shown below to registered Home Theater Integrators, Interior Designers and Home Builders.

Any home theater layout idea you have in mind, we'll make it happen. As we manufacture each chair to your exact designs, we can customize the sizing of your theater chairs to match the radius of your platforms and the optimum sight-line angles to your screen.

Please complete the form below to request a customized layout render for your home theater.

We will require room dimensions and any other information you can provide us so that we can ensure your theater seating fits like a glove in your home theater.


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