Build Your Custom Theater Chair

Tiered Theater Seating

Elevate Your Home Cinema Experience

Create multiple rows of seats in your home theater, without compromising on viewing position. Tiered theater seating is the answer you’ve been searching for.

How It Works

Step 1 -
Design Your Chair

Our powerful, cutting-edge chair customizer is fun, easy to use and contains almost limitless possibilities and combinations for a truly unique home theater that’s totally yours.

Mix and Match arm styles, backrests and choose from a variety of colors, leather types, wood trims and layouts.

Step 2 -
Request A Quote

Once you’re happy with the look and feel of your new chair, it’s time to request a quote.

All of our tiered theater seats are hand built, to order, and our skilled and experienced craftsmen have been committed to creating the highest quality tiered seating for over a decade.

Step 3 -

Packaged and shipped around the world, your new custom built tiered theater seating will be taking pride of place in your movie room in no time.

So you can sit back, relax, and experience your favourite movie or sports game the way it was always supposed to be.

With our complimentary layout service you can turn any of Elite HTS’s famous seats into tiered theater seating to fit perfectly into your space.

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elevated theater seating
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As part of our concierge service, we provide complimentary layout schematics as shown below to registered Home Theater Integrators, Interior Designers and Home Builders.

Any home theater layout idea you have in mind, we'll make it happen. As we manufacture each chair to your exact designs, we can customize the sizing of your theater chairs to match the radius of your platforms and the optimum sight-line angles to your screen.

Please complete the form below to request a customized layout render for your home theater.

We will require room dimensions and any other information you can provide us so that we can ensure your theater seating fits like a glove in your home theater.


Home theater seating dimensions Elite HTS

Tiered Theater Seats – Home Theater Seating on Risers

Everyone loves a night out at the theater. The big screen, the superior sound, the comfortable seating, the hot, buttery popcorn—it all adds up to a great experience that for the longest time could not be replicated at home.

With the advent of increasingly high definition televisions and high-fidelity sound systems, streaming services like Netflix, and even television shows with movie-level production values, viewers found that it was possible to recreate the experience of a night out in the comfort and convenience of their own living rooms and basements. For many, however, one critical component was still missing from their home theater: the seating.

Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS) is your home theater seating specialist, allowing you to bring the glamour and comfort of VIP movie theatre seats into your home.

Much more than just a chair and more even than a comfortable recliner, your Elite Home Theater seat is a custom-made and hand-crafted luxury piece, created from the finest materials available. It is part of the experience of your home theater.

Using our powerful seat configurator, you will design the exact seat that best suits your vision and your needs. Start with the material of your choice. Looking for real leather? Valentino Leather is for you. Want the look and feel of leather with better climate control properties and Greenguard certification? Try Silk Leather. Seeking a more retro look? Cine-suede might be the right choice.

From there, select your style of backrest and bring it all together with your choice of wood trim. Whether you prefer contemporary or classic, Elite Home Theater Seating has the right seat for you because it’s designed by you.

Seeing a movie in the cinema is a communal activity. The shared experience makes your movie more enjoyable, so how do you get that same feeling in your home cinema? Simply adding seats isn’t enough. You want to be sure that you and all your family and guests have the best view, and that’s where tiered seating comes in.

Adding a second row of seating with a riser elevates the rear seats so that everyone has an excellent view of the screen. One of the many advantages of working with the team at Elite HTS is they offer complimentary layout services, which is is an excellent way to plan out platform dimensions, aisle spaces and precise sight lines to the screen.        

Have an extra-large family? Inviting the guys over to watch a game? Sitting on the couch with your head turned sideways is a sure way to get a sore neck, and no way to enjoy the show. Add a third tiered row and let everyone enjoy a true movie theater experience.

All that is missing now is the popcorn.