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5 Best Home Theater Seating Ideas For 2020

Discover how to setup the best home theater seating in the year 2020. The best visual designs, comfort arrangements and leisurely surroundings.

There’s nothing like enjoying the latest big-screen masterpiece from the comfort of your home theater.
Are you designing such a space in your home? If so, it pays to invest in top-tier luxury seating that delivers an authentic, cinematic experience. Here are some of the best new home theater seating ideas.

As you research your options, keep in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for the best home theater seating. The ideal setup is one that meets your family’s needs as well as your interior design aesthetic.

Today, Elite Home Theatre Seating Inc. (Elite HTS) is sharing five home theater seating ideas to get you started. Read on to discover the styles, features, and details to know.

Styles of Theater Seating to Consider

Any standard seating solution will work for your home theater, right? Not quite.
There are a myriad of different styles to choose from when designing your theater, and it’s worth taking the time to review each of them.

After all, without cushy and luxurious seating, your theater room is just a projector on the wall. The seating you select can set the tone, and atmosphere for the entire environment.

To help narrow down your personal preference, let’s review three of the most common styles of theater seats on the market. These include:
• Contemporary
• Traditional
• Transitional

Contemporary Theater Seating

Contemporary recliner styles feature sleek, modern designs with clean lines and stylish touches.

Elite HTS recently released 2020 Black Edition Cinema Chair is an ideal example. From its unique wood trim to the luxurious Black Onyx Silk Leather, it’s the ultimate fashion-forward look.

EHTS art black recliner Theatre Chairs

Traditional Theater Seating

While traditional seats are equally stunning, these include classic touches that have stood the test of time such as the tufted backrests and ornate corbels featured on the Model S4 shown below.

Even though some of our designs are traditional, modern technology is still included such as our robust, German designed, motorized recline mechanisms. All of our Home Theater Recliners are covered by our industry-leading 20 Year Warranty.

Featuring heavy-duty wall-hugger mechanisms and high-quality seating foam, these chairs are available in a myriad of configurations including, curved, straight or loveseat configurations. We can also modify any of our standard motorized chairs into chaises.

EHTS Red Traditional Theatre Chair ideas

Transitional Theater Seating

Then, there are transitional styles. These blend the two, offering elements that are both old-school and future- focused. The Model L9 shown below combines traditional metal tacking and a modern backrest design

Another example of a transitional design is our innovative Cinema Chaise which is not a recliner, but more of a couch style. There is also the recliner couch or sofa.

Speaking of couches, our popular Cuddle Couch allows up to two adults and one child to lie down, turn around and stretch out under a blanket for the ultimate family movie night!

EHTS Red Transitional Theatre Chair ideas

So no matter the style and theme of your theater, we have you covered with a wide array of theater seating options.

As we move further into 2020, here are some of the latest trends in theater seating :

Decorative Accents

Gone are the days when theater seats remain unembellished. Today, premium seating includes special, decorative accents designed to truly customize and personalize your seating.

A few of the accents we’re embracing and offering this year include:


EHTS Theatre Chair with piping

Wood trim

EHTS Theatre Chair with wood trim


EHTS Theatre Chair with tacking

Custom quilting

EHTS Theatre Chair with custom quilting

Sleek, Hidden Accessories

No at-home movie screening is complete without your favorite beverage nearby. Beyond the seat itself, there are many other great home theater seating ideas. For example, rather than sticking with the standard cupholder placement, why not customize yours?

Another helpful feature of our Chair Customizer tool is the ability to select your preferred cupholder finish. The options include:

• Black

• Gun metal

• Antique Copper

• Silver

• 24K Gold Plated

You can also get creative with the placement. Customize your chair with a hidden sliding cupholder to keep it out of sight but always within reach.

In addition to your cupholder, you can add custom storage compartments and drawers perfect for stashing remotes and blankets. We can also integrate tray tables into our designs to maximize the in-theater dining experience!

EHTS Theatre Chair-Custom Hidden Accessories Storage

Tailored Layouts

Every theater room is different with various dimensions and platform sizes. As the manufacturer, we can create configurations that precisely fit on any existing platform. We also provide complimentary layout drawings so that you can plan your theater room accordingly.
A few of our most popular layout configurations include:

  • Chaises
  • Loveseats
  • Straight or curved row of two/three/four/five
  • Straight or curved flanked loveseats
  • Three-seat sofa
  • Captain’s chair double loveseat

Working with an existing platform? You can even use custom radiuses to ensure that your new row of chairs fits perfectly. Browse our home theater layout ideas for inspiration!

Below is an example of a theater which uses the “Captain’s Chair Double Loveseat” configuration in the front row.

EHTS Theatre Chair-Custom Theatre Layout

On-Trend Upholstery

Another way you can personalize your home theater seating design is by selecting the exact type of leather or fabric you prefer. Our upholstery options include:

• Silk leather
• Valentino leather
• CineSuede

All of our materials are supple, soft and supremely comfortable. As an alternative, we can also create a custom chair using a special fabric or leather that you supply.

In addition to selecting the color of your chair, chaise or sofa, you can also hand-pick your stitch color.

Choose a contrasting tone for a trendy, modern look or stick with a similar shade for a seamless, traditional design. If contrast catches your eye, you can even design dual-tone seating!

Here is a theater which perfectly blends many different colors to create a truly unique cinema experience. Our popular Cinema Chaise would be a perfect choice for this kind of room.

EHTS Theatre Custom Upholstery

Underglow Lighting

While the seats are the star of the show, you can also ramp up your home theater this year by installing dynamic underglow or aisle lighting.

Placed strategically near your seating setup, these lights help establish an immersive viewing experience. They also add instant flair to your theater chairs while illuminating the walkway in a dark theater.

These lighting systems are a relatively simple way to add personality and illumination to your space.

EHTS Underglow for Theater Seating

Shop the Best Home Theater Seating Products

Are you ready to transform a room in your house into a home theater? If so, there’s never been a better time to start this project. You can try out some of these ideas and see how your ideal seating would look with our custom home theater chair customizer.

When you’re looking for the best in custom luxury home theater seating on the market, start your search with us. We’ll help you create a unique design that’s as impressive as it is comfortable.

These are only a few of the unique touches we can incorporate into your setup. Contact us and let’s discuss the rest of the details!